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It's been a slow week for blogging for this girl. I'm not sure why...I think sometimes I create ruts and roadblocks for myself in various areas.... this particular example being "but I have nothing to blog about." SO. To prove myself wrong, and as a simple exercise of un-rutting, I am going to create (here) a blog post out of nothing.

I've been wanting to get more "personal" on my blog, as I know that when I read other blogs - it's that depth of information that really holds me there. Pretty things are fun, and pretty vintage things are even more fun, but stories are at the heart of so much of the human experience. Milla's blog, in particular, is inspiring me to tell more stories.

Though truthfully, my blog ebbs and flows (just like everything else), and sometimes I tell lots of stories. My journal tag leads you to many of them, as well as my memories tag. But lots of these stories taper off in 2010....which leads me to this moment, wherein I promise to tell more stories on this blog in 2011.

On that note, I already have lots and lots of stories brewing in my brain.... all I had to do was turn on the switch, I suppose. This photo of me that I used in my sale bin post was pulled from my ancient photobucket account... that nesting spot of photos hosts once-uponnas galore! For now, I'll leave you with more recent untold stories of our New Years trip to Tahoe, and our 2011 beginnings (though in all fairness, this is mostly a show of photos, and is brief).

Piled in the family wagon, we left the rainy homestead and headed for the mountains, which greeted us immediately with snow. Thank goddess for big tires and brave men who drive in snowy mountains, because I would refuse. Ugh. I was just a happy passenger, latte in hand and quiet child in the back.

Asher, of course, was endlessly excited about the snow. And to my delight, he still fits in his neon snowsuit that I thrifted for him in Portland 2 years ago.

The trip was filled with lots of food, family, snow, sledding and sleeping. It was, actually, quite delightful. We hardly ever take a break from our daily grind (but only because we love it so)...but sometimes it's good for us to just get away and breathe some different air. Literally. Mountain-snow-air is delicious.

My own mama took Asher for a couple days so that we could get away and run off to the forest & various bliss spots that shall remain unnamed. Here's ma & Asher:

Without child in tow, we immediately began our "grownup" adventures: first stop consisted of a brief shopping trip at the Burlington Coat Factory and me laughing hysterically in the parking lot during a "come-on-honey-let's-just-take-a-photo-of-us-kissing" conversation. (Don't worry - that was just our first stop. We drove onward to more exciting things).

The kissing photos are meh. But the one of me laughing is cute!! The rest of the trip was less-photographed, and the photos I did take (Ha).

After some goodbyes, more lattes, and more snow, we finally made it home sweet home.  I love coming home; there is no place as welcoming and cozy and heartwarming as my own space:


And then 2011 had begun, and here we are.... 3 weeks into it now... the Year of the Hare (nearly) upon us and the smallest whispers of spring already creeping upward through the earth. I am excited to move forward, and I am joyous looking back, and - as they say - life is good.

I am filled with endless gratitude for my people and projects, the many women I've connected with on Etsy and through this blog (and the many women I loved before all of this), and I marvel at how the simplest parts of life are so deeply dear to me... and how the spectrum of simple can seem so vast, yet still be so clear  - family and friends, food and fire, work and creation, truth and a hot cup of tea.


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  1. I look forward to reading more of your personal stories this year....right here!


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