Today the stars shift into Aquarius (January 20 - February 18). In my day planner from my mom, it provides this year-at-a-glance summary for our dear aquarians, and I wanted to share it because I like it so much. (The text is (c) Gretchen Lawlor):

In 2011, you're seen as an innovative genius, weaving the cosmic into the commonplace like iridescent threads into tapestry. You design unusual ways to share information, and are a champion of progressive education.  You use technology to bridge diversities or distances and create world community.  Notions occur to you that you swiftly put into practice.

You may experience some difficulty staying on task.  Discipline information-gathering by focusing on a specific outcome you want to achieve.  Your hungry mind needs ample fuel; further schooling may be the answer - and will add credibility to your innovative efforts.  Eat mineral rich foods, especially magnesium, to support your highly activated nervous system.

Sudden opportunities to travel arise, though your journey must have a specific intent, more like a vision quest.  Your aspirations succeed when you acquaint yourself with the rules of the game in whatever systems or cultures you dsire to impact.  Look for elders to guide and bless your efforts.

By mid-year, Jupiter shifts its benevolent blessings to your emotional base and domestic affairs.  This is a good time to make improvements around your home or to move someplace more promising.  Your family is supportive and you feel generous toward them.  A part of yourself or your past history which you have tried to ignore is brought to the light and dealt with, leaving you feeling you've had a load lifted off your shoulders. 

There you go! Please share this with any Aquarians in your life that you love and anyone else who might enjoy it.

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  1. I'm on the cusp of Aquarius and Pice. But More on the aqua side...And I must say a lot of this sounds like my goals for 2011. I'm opening another Etsy store, and already planning travels.

  2. Thank you m'dear! We children of the Aquarius appreciate!


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