Beauty in the trees

Please take a moment to go visit the beautiful Laura over at Violet Bella today... she is as stylish as ever, and this time she is wearing a pair of custom leather earrings that I made for her a while ago as part of a trade that we did. Laura is such a warm-hearted soul and it really shines through in her writing and images.

she also was kind enough to remind everyone of my 50% off moving sale off all vintage in my shop. i think i'll keep the sale going through the weekend and then i'm going to close down the shop for a while during my moving adventure. so if you see something you like, swoop it up now (thanks Laura for these images).

a big part of this move for my is going to be letting go and simplifying. i am going to get rid of a lot of stuff....a big adventure in and of itself. i already took down my photo studio - the end of an era (and the beginning of the next).


Onward + upward

Holy holiday season! I can't believe what a swirl it is already. aside from cooking, crafting, baking cookies, and cleaning (oh housewifery, how i love you), i am also moving.

during this time of wild dream-chasing and cold-winter packing, please send me lots of love and lots of emails; be patient with my internet absence, and know that those of you who i love are always in my heart.

and if you live in Chico and have any boxes, call me. xo



December is upon us and with it comes the truth of winter. The plants all sit in stasis, their roots slumbering as the season descends. The winds are colder and our eyes glisten with the freshness of such air. My persimmon tree is leafless, and its branches hang bare, save for the rich fruit that ripen, still, waiting to be picked, or waiting to fall.

it is the time now to celebrate stillness and light, wind and fire. value and honor this time of inward-ness and hibernation, as it is just as important as the warm bursting of spring and the amber glow of autumn. it is this season that determines what will root and blossom when the next cycle begins.



i recently participated in a photoshoot for the grand opening of a new boutique in town called BOHO. the photos were shot by local photographer Kyle Delmar and we featured some of my harnesses (which are also available at BOHO...get to shoppin, ladies!). it is always such an honor to collaborate with such talented and visionary people, and to be part of the collective forward movement in craft, culture, and local commerce. 

Kyle shot several other models in this infrared style for BOHO, resulting in a whole treasure trove of beautiful, glowing photos and beautiful, glowing women. A selection of them were printed and framed and are available for sale at the BOHO boutique. Stay tuned at Kyle's Flickr to see the other photos surface soon....the series is called "Orbs" in honor of the light orbs that appeared in all of the photos. BOHO is similar to a local Buffalo Exchange and buys back your clothes on Sundays and Mondays. It features a classic Californian/bohemian selection of used and vintage clothing as well as some local jewelry and treasures. If you live here, go visit!


monday morning

ahhhh at last i am here, having survived one of the busiest, most hard-working weeks of my life. it was amazing, so much work for so much joy, so much exhaustion and so much sleep, and finally, i am starting to feel normal again. the Hillstomp Gathering was a huge success - a beautiful, fiery gathering of glowing hearts and good music, and brave souls who weathered the cold. as soon as the sun rose, many of us began cleaning up and breaking down, and most people around us lent a hand, just to be kind. i really should write more about it now, but i don't quite have the words yet. i made this photo (i took the snapshots while we were setting up) to thank everyone who made it happen:

i wasn't able to make it to the grand opening on saturday of a new boutique in town (for which i made the harnesses mentioned in my last post), and i've not seen many photos yet, but i can't wait until they surface. i stocked the shop (BOHO) with a load of cool harnesses, and was also featured in the photography exhibit at the shop by Kyle Delmar. do you see me?

more photos of recent wonderments soon. xo



harnesses, harnesses

i made a new batch of harnesses....started getting creative on a few of them. and i finally have some beautiful new hangtags - aren't they great? all my new harnesses got sent off to a new boutique, but i'll be making more soon enough. 



i am working with Resonance Sound on planning/organizing/hosting a huge event this friday called the Hillstomp Gathering.... so for anyone who i love and owe communication to, it might not happen until this friday is over. i'm deep in a lot of phone calls and logistics and list-making and detail-remembering. it's crazy, but it's also very exciting. if you live in Nor Cal, you should come to the party. and if you don't, please send us your beloved thoughts of clear skies and smooth sailing.


free people vs. lost boys

i just spent some time perusing through the hella trendy free people catalog and pulled some similar items from my shop to show how you can look just as good while spending less money, supporting small businesses, and reducing the strain on global textile production. triple win!

  1. fp le deux velvet tunic $128 // lb&l black velvet dress $35
  2. fp fur collar belted coat $248 // lb&l 1970s fur collar parka $68
  3. fp fringe leather jacket $856 // lb&l 1970s fringe deerskin jacket $58
  4. fp extreme corduroy flare $148 // lb&l 1970s corduroy flares $45
  5. fp boxy crochet sweater $198 // lb&l crochet sweater top $26
  6.  fp floral easy rider top $88 // lb&l sheer floral shirt $25
  7. fp isle of the sky poncho $128 // lb&l irish wool poncho $40

spread the word - shop from the heart - support the people


photos in left-hand column all (c) free people catalog


home = heart

it is amazing what a huge difference tiny home improvements can make for one's headspace. i should have taken a before photos of my entryway, but i didn't. it used to have a rag rug as a doormat (always dirty, always sliding around) and a pile of shoes around it (i was raised in a shoes-off house and it's one of my favorite traditions to continue). 

i finally found this rubber-backed rug ($3 at the thrift store) and brought these two baskets out to store the main mess of our sneakers and flip-flops. so much better! every day i look at it and it makes me happy. i truly feel that our homes are a reflection of our hearts, and to keep it clean and light and feeling good is of the utmost importance.

in other news, i suppose there's not too much to report. autumn is in full-swing, complete with cold new-moon nights and lots of oven-roasted root dinners (yum). last weekend i finally got back into craft mode and took over the living room with yarn and glue, scissors and crystals. 

Asher helped, too, and i brought out the pot-holder weaving loom for him and taught him how to do it. he picked up on it so quickly, and he sat there quietly weaving cotton hot-pads as i worked on my own projects. pot-holders are one of the first craft projects i remember learning from my mom, so it was especially heartwarming to pass it on to my own son. 

and now i have new pot-holders...Asher made the one on the left all by himself (i finished the edges) and the one on the right was a collaboration. 

happy friday, friends! may the new moon magic spread to all corners of your own world, and may our children be blessed with balance as the deluge of halloween candy approaches.



i had a particularly bountiful day at the thrift shop last week, and came home with lots of treasures for myself and the shop. here are a couple of my favorites:

i am, in particular, very excited about my lady of roses/mother mary statuette. i've been on the hunt for her for a while, but it seems that most thrift stores don't set her out on the shelves as much as they do the porcelain teddy bears and stranded wise men. i also wanted mary with roses, and here she not only wears a crown of them, but in her hands she holds one as though it is the world.

it was this summer that i finally had my most significant communion with mary. i was raised by a recovering catholic, and so mary was always in my life, but i never really felt that connected to her. (the most powerfully i ever felt her presence was through the classic beatles song, "let it be", which moved me immensely as a young girl and was one of the first songs that made me feel that ancient, deep-hearted ache of sadness and joy).  however, on my many summer adventures i embarked upon a journey wherein she literally came to me, and it all made sense. and the roses! being a rose myself, i have always had an affinity for these flowers, but, wrapped up with the magic of mary, i had another discovery of roses' true magic. it's all entertwined.

mary and roses.


clothes, clothes, clothes. and shoes.

i'm going to use today's post to do a little shop promotion....i have a new model and some new photos and some wonderful new stuff....i'm loving it all!