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When I was little, I wanted to grow up and live in Maine. My uncle and cousins lived there, so we visited every summer, and at a very young age I was already deep in it with fantasies involving brick buildings, white shutters, and creeping ivy. I was certain I'd go to Bowdoin. And wear lots of wool sweaters. And write poetry.

Turns out my Maine fantasy ended a little bit before college, so I ended up sticking with the west coast, which still has its fair share of brick buildings and ivy. Although both of these are not nearly as old as on the east coast, and white shutters are highly uncommon out here. I wore a few wool sweaters and wrote tons of poetry.

As a kid, we'd always stop by the L.L. Bean outlet store with Grandma to get some good ole fashioned Maine gear. Still, after all these years, I get so excited to see the L.L. Bean holiday catalog in my box. And, flashing back to my Maine fantasy brain, these are the things I want:

The names are perfect to fuel my fantasy: Andover Skirt, Harvest Wool Trench, Bean's Washable Wool Throw, Stormy Kromer Hat, Downeaster Sport Wool Plaid Bag, Heritage Wool Duffel Coat.

all items found via L.L. Bean

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  1. I have never been to Maine, or the east coast of the US at all, so I know very little about it. But I'm sure that a British chain store does a collection of rather dull basics called 'Maine'. I'm so pleased to see that the state of Maine really contributes much more to fashion than just that!

    Your description sounds beautiful *puts Maine on ever growing 'to visit' list*


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