Winter winds and preparations

Oh my. This week has been a slow one for me as far as internet endeavors. Other busy parts of life really took over, infiltrating my every moment, lodging themselves in the small muscles near my shoulder blades. My photographing setup has been taken over by cold and rain, and my indoor setup is currently buried in a large pile of art supplies that need to be sorted and re-homed. Basically there is a whole chain of events that needs to unblock my blocks, and I need to catalyze it soon!

But, in the wee hours of the night, when Asher is asleep and when my dear creative fairies come to visit, I've been making lots of things in preparation for the holiday fairs. My office is gloriously buried in piles of leather and stones, denim and tulle, feathers and chain.

All things flow in waves, I guess. Although I'm really trying to decide exactly how I ride those waves, and how to jump from one to another when one is just about to break.


  1. Our creative fairies are exactly how we get through stressful times, yes? I am always more loose, less stressed and relieved after I dip my hands in some makings. Keep it up lady, those stones and bullet casings look afreakingmazing on the... is it tin foil?!!

  2. thanks arlie! yes, tin foil and a low light photo. weird, huh? sending you some california starlight, sista. xoxo


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