update overload

I just posted at least 30 new things in the shop, so go look around! beautiful leandra will return soon, but for now everything's on a hanger. xo


  1. awe. some.

    and congrats! because you just f-ing won my giveway!

  2. oooh that pink teddy is cauuute

  3. NICOLE!!!! i can't f-ing believe it. i am beyond excited. scream!!

  4. p.s. arlie! it would look perrrfect on you..... AND, ahem, isn't someone going to burning man this year???

  5. Sadie!!! I'm so bad at getting email subscriptions to know when to comment back on blogger... am I missing something?
    Anyway - thanks for your cute comment, we are officially moving January 29th! Eeek! I'm heading to Arizona for xmas to see my mom, then back here and THEN off to LA we go. Haven't secured a place yet but Long Beach is looking very promising for cheap rentals VERY close to the water. OH and Burning Man? That ticket is the first thing I'm buying once we are settled ;)


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