Thank you to all who have entered the giveaway so far and provided feedback on the scarf tag.  Big special thanks to miss Alex who sent me this email yesterday:

my mom was born in Ukraine & speaks Ukrainian, as well as Russian and Polish. she says the scarf is 100% wool and a reallly nice one. i could make out some, because i grew up speaking Ukrainian, but she told me the rest.

in the little emblem, the word that starts with pi is 'of Paul' and the word at the bottom means city or town. so basically Paul's city.

the next 2 lines basically mean that the scarf is manufactured in Paul's city

the large word that starts with pi means scarf in Russian

the words below that essentially mean that the scarf is pure - as in pure wool - and has a decorative border - the pink flower/polka dot part

the word before the 100% is wool

the word that starts with a is article - like article number

the word that starts with p means measurement

the word that starts with c is sort and then it says first - so basically mom said that means it's the best quality

the next work that starts with p means drawing, or perhaps a better translation is design? and then they stamped a number next to it

then again is Paul's city, the address 

Happy Friday, everyone! 

p.s. image source

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