Some dresses....

Well, since I can't just wait until spring to take photos, I'm working on the best indoor route. While I'm in the process of finding the best method, here are some new dresses.

  1. The Magic of Snowflakes - vintage hooded sweater dress
  2. White Rabbit - mushroom halter dress
  3. The Fallen Leaves - knit dolman dress
  4. Harlow - 1940s bronze taffeta party dress


  1. omg sadie! that mushroom dress is too amazing! everytime I see your finds, I think about how much the thrift scene in Richmond is awful! Either that or I'm terrible at finding good stuff ;)

  2. isn't it rad?? i wanted to keep it but it doesn't actually look that great on me. :)

  3. i think this lighting makes the clothes and the model look dreamy! good job! plus, i want the last 2 dresses.


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