Nevada City Craft Fair

Thank you to all who participated in the Nevada City Craft Fair! I'm not just talking shoppers and vendors, I'm also talking about some hard-working ladies (cough, and cough) who make good sh*t happen.

Aside from feasting my eyes on the general splendor, I got to hang out with Heather from Moonshine Junkyard and Becky from Velvet Leaf. Super inspiring adorable vintage vixens. Here they are:

In fact, you should check out Heather's blog entry on the fair, because it has lots of great photos and a good recap of the 2 days. (I stole this picture of me from her blog!):

I sold all Lost Boys & Lovers stuff and had to leave my vintage in the car due to a smaller booth than anticipated, but it all went well and I had a good time. The rain was crazy!! Pouring cats & dogs while I was unloading the car - luckily I brought some extra clothes.

Sommer and Winter were our booth neighbors - yes, those are their real names - how cute is that?!

Thanks again to all of you, and see you fine ladies next time!! 

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