And the winner is.....

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway!!! I love all you ladies mucho, and I will host another treasure-box giveaway quite soon. After deleting some duplicate comments and non-entries, the winner is....Heather from Moonshine Junkyard! How very fitting, since I just fell in love with her a few days ago.

Heather, please email or convo me with your address and I will ship your treasures.

AND, I'd like to send a special thank-you gift to Alex for being so supportive and for translating the scarf tag. So ladies, hit me up!

xoxo thanks again to all of you, it means a lot to have you here.

Oh, and here's the thingie:


  1. Whoa! You've been posting up a storm since I went to Solstice.I look forward to checking it all out. Lucky Heather, am stoked for her and stoked for our swap. Lots of Merry Wishes and Bright Blessings on this season!

  2. i'm on fire with delight, overjoyed by this gift from you and the sweet universe. i truly feel like a gypsy queen tonight. THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. congrats to the winner :) lucky gal!


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