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As I mention fairly often, the never-ending connectivity of the internet always astounds me. Endless beautiful things dumped in my consciousness every single day. Particularly, the vintage & artist community of women that I'm continually tapping into is inspiring, to say the least. I thought I'd mention here that the other day I sold one of my favorite dresses so far to another clever vintage lady over at Adelaide's Homesewn. She scooped this 1940s beauty up right after it was listed, and I'm so glad it went to a good home.

Maria, the proprietress at Adelaide's Homesewn is a. adorable; b. a vintage queen; c. a talented seamstress!!! Check out her blog here, and her shop here. Here are a few of my current favorites from her selection:

  1. Pendleton Plaid Trench
  2. Bourbon Frye Boots
  3. Under the Fog Wrap Sweater
  4. Chocolate Suede Clogs
And, this dress is from her homemade collection. So. Cute:

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  1. sadie! i am so honored! how sweet of you to post this :)
    you are such a talented lady too, and i am in love with the dress i got from you.


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