even colder

It is cold in California! The day before Thanksgiving I adventured out into the cold and pre-holiday retail madness with Asher. I packed snacks for Asher (mama tip #543: no car trip is ever too short for snacks) and made him take a few photos of me before we left. He's so freaking cute with my big ole camera around his neck. The errands were a success. Target almost got the better of us, but we left in the nick of time.

These boots I'm wearing in the photos I just pulled out of my closet depths for winter. I'd nearly forgotten about them! They are insulated, waterproof, rubber-traction-soled cowboy boots. Yeah, that's right.  They are 100% amazing and I love them dearly. 

Today I'm not leaving the house for anything!! I'm gonna Black Friday my ass off on Etsy, though. Seriously SOOoooo many awesome sales happening, I'm not even sure where to start.


F21 leggins
Thrifted slouchy top
Vintage leather bomber - ebay
Vintage oxblood winter cowboy boots - desiree


  1. I'm obsessed with the Black Friday sales too.

    I was just up in your neck of the woods yesterday (kinda) Yuba City and was in the 20's...CRAZY!

  2. Talented little man!

    I need those boots, if you think it is cold in California it is literally freezing here in the UK. Insulated boots all round! x

  3. so true about the snacks! love the outfit!

  4. Those boots are lovely and perfect for chilly weather!

    p.s. Thanks for your advice on my closet purge! I really appreciate it.


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