1. The Berkeley - denim toggle purse
  2. The Tasha - cris-cross cage ankle strap sandals (8.5-9)
  3. Jet Set - vintage mod traveler purse
  4. Femme Fatale - glam pirate ankle bootie (6-6.5)
  5. The Willow - Italian all-leather cut-out pump (8)
  6. The Bettie - 1950s lizard pumps (7)
  7. Through the Woods - vintage hiking boot (9)
  8. Puddle Love - classic yellow galoshes (8)
  9. The Aspen - white leather hobo bag


  1. you look so adorable in these photos! it is the best feeling to put on an outfit you may have worn a bunch of times already- but have it be the most comfortable and perfect thing. that dress is amazing especially the slight flare of the skirt. <3<3<3 (and don't even get me started on those femme fatale boots!)

  2. thanks mama! i knew you would appreciate the boots. xoxo


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