Les Bazaars

So much crafting coming up this month, kids. I will be participating in two NorCal craft events in December, so mark your calendars, and if you're in the area, come see me! Lost Boys & Lovers will be in full effect at both shows (I have some really cool new designs in the works), and I'll be selling some holiday vintage in Nevada City as well.

On December 11 & 12, find me here (in Chico) with lots of local beauties:

And then, the following weekend, I'll be here (in Nevada City) with another slew of my favorite ladies:

Both of these events are going to be great gatherings and filled with magically crafted goods by some very talented people. Hope to see you at one of them!


1930s postcards from Cairo, Published by "Lehnert and Landrock" (L&L Succ, Cairo), via ptross on Flickr.



I love sales. And I am having another one at the shop.

Enter code word "GRATITUDE" at checkout to receive 25% off your entire order!!


even colder

It is cold in California! The day before Thanksgiving I adventured out into the cold and pre-holiday retail madness with Asher. I packed snacks for Asher (mama tip #543: no car trip is ever too short for snacks) and made him take a few photos of me before we left. He's so freaking cute with my big ole camera around his neck. The errands were a success. Target almost got the better of us, but we left in the nick of time.

These boots I'm wearing in the photos I just pulled out of my closet depths for winter. I'd nearly forgotten about them! They are insulated, waterproof, rubber-traction-soled cowboy boots. Yeah, that's right.  They are 100% amazing and I love them dearly. 

Today I'm not leaving the house for anything!! I'm gonna Black Friday my ass off on Etsy, though. Seriously SOOoooo many awesome sales happening, I'm not even sure where to start.


F21 leggins
Thrifted slouchy top
Vintage leather bomber - ebay
Vintage oxblood winter cowboy boots - desiree


where love goes

As I mention fairly often, the never-ending connectivity of the internet always astounds me. Endless beautiful things dumped in my consciousness every single day. Particularly, the vintage & artist community of women that I'm continually tapping into is inspiring, to say the least. I thought I'd mention here that the other day I sold one of my favorite dresses so far to another clever vintage lady over at Adelaide's Homesewn. She scooped this 1940s beauty up right after it was listed, and I'm so glad it went to a good home.

Maria, the proprietress at Adelaide's Homesewn is a. adorable; b. a vintage queen; c. a talented seamstress!!! Check out her blog here, and her shop here. Here are a few of my current favorites from her selection:

  1. Pendleton Plaid Trench
  2. Bourbon Frye Boots
  3. Under the Fog Wrap Sweater
  4. Chocolate Suede Clogs
And, this dress is from her homemade collection. So. Cute:



In grown-up English, this note reads:

We have to do errands then will make cookies at home. So our street is close to Nord. Thank you menu.

Hooray for learning how to write!


cold-weather fruit

I am still in awe of the fruitful bounty that is Northern California. Currently, as the leaves drop from many trees, other trees are starting to burst with the colors of ripe citrus. The persimmon tree in my back yard is bare of foliage, but the fruit clings on, ripening still!

Our not-quite-ripe tangerines (and a pile of firewood).

A low-hanging persimmon.


Me about to adjust my ponytail??? Photo by Asher. (I'm wearing all thrifted basics and an American Apparel hoodie.)

Blue-eyed babe. Photo by me.


Feasts & friends - SALE!

I'm having a 30% off sale for the next 48 hours as part of the general Autumn celebratory feasting activity. Please spread the word and stop by the shop!

Precious Metals

You may or may not remember this fabulous silver suit from my Precious Metals collection earlier this year.

Well, the suit sold to a dear-hearted drag queen in Brooklyn, and I have been so lucky as to receive pictures of the suit in its new life!

So hot. She said the only alterations made were adding some padded bra cups to the shoulders to make it a bit more dramatic.

I love my customers!

(Thank you skunk funk for the photos)


Some things never change

Me circa 1988-89 (I think). I still feel pretty much the same, in a sense. Nothing like a flower crown and a twirl dress to make a girl happy.

Thanks, mom, for the scan!


Old favorites

I got this dress years ago at a yard sale in Portland. It was one of my best yard-sale scores ever, and this dress was just a fraction of the bounty. It is 100% wool, made in Malta. Even though I don't wear it often, it feels really special to me, and I don't think I could ever sell it. These boots, which I wear nearly every day, and in most of my blog posts, were also found in Portland, and I'm not sure what I'll do with myself once they finally fall apart. I love this outfit particularly for it's old comfort (and warmth).

These two rings are among my handful of every-day favorites - both are handmade by some very talented ladies!


Vintage wool dress w/American Apparel cross-over jersey dress underneath
Social Cellar teardrop druzy ring
Stone & Smith agate ring
Vintage boots
Vintage silver hoops


  1. The Berkeley - denim toggle purse
  2. The Tasha - cris-cross cage ankle strap sandals (8.5-9)
  3. Jet Set - vintage mod traveler purse
  4. Femme Fatale - glam pirate ankle bootie (6-6.5)
  5. The Willow - Italian all-leather cut-out pump (8)
  6. The Bettie - 1950s lizard pumps (7)
  7. Through the Woods - vintage hiking boot (9)
  8. Puddle Love - classic yellow galoshes (8)
  9. The Aspen - white leather hobo bag


The ache

Have you heard this song?  Uuuuufffff it really gets me.


Today at Asher's school there was a potluck lunch/Autumn celebration. Each child chose 3 colors out of a hat earlier this week, and the food they brought was supposed to be those 3 colors. Asher chose pink, yellow and blue, so we made blueberry corn muffins and I accented the platter with these beautiful radishes. Needless to say, the kids weren't that into the radishes, but it sure did look nice.

Happy Autumn & feasting season to all.... we have all of next week off of school. I'm expecting lots of lazy mornings and creative afternoons!


Viva La Moda

My sadieDELUXE snow parka (modeled by the wonderful Leandra) is featured on page 4 of the current issue of Viva La Moda!

From Viva La Moda:

VivaLaModa is a bi-monthly magazine created to show the greatest and coolest fashionable and hand made things that we can find. But we don’t want to talk only about fashion or beautiful stuff we find. This magazine will also host articles about green products, toys, decoration, product reviews and many more things. We want to support indie designers and crafters who make things with their own hands (not to forget we also love vintage!), and give readers information about the handmade world.