Lost Boys & Lovers update

Dearest friends - as you might have noticed, I added a button on the sidebar that will take you directly to the jewelry/Lost Boys & Lovers section in my shop. Aaannd, I've also added a whole bunch of new designs, so you'd best go check them out. Here are a few photos for starters:

Enjoy! xo


  1. holy shit, those leather ones with the white feather are freaking am-a-zing. so wish i wasn't broke. you are so talented, girl!

  2. I might need that last pair, Sadie! pretty pretty as always

  3. thank you fine ladies for the love. xo

  4. p.s. arlie the ones you like sold to one of my stockists today, but i can always try to make something similar if you want. sending light to you sweet girl.


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