Lost Boys & Lovers update

Dearest friends - as you might have noticed, I added a button on the sidebar that will take you directly to the jewelry/Lost Boys & Lovers section in my shop. Aaannd, I've also added a whole bunch of new designs, so you'd best go check them out. Here are a few photos for starters:

Enjoy! xo


Stellaluna pumpkins and other grand adventures

he great pumpkin carving finally took place at our house last night; Asher drew the bat and Matthew carefully translated it onto pumpkin canvas. Pretty freaking cute.


A favorite corner of my room....


The Persimmons

The persimmons have been growing for months. Slowly, slowly; starting out as small green stones, some falling after premature and partial consumption by the yard's oversized squirrels. And now the tree is heavy with larger, riper fruit. Still not ripe enough...but soon. I will post photos when the branches hold the dark ripe fruit and all the leaves are gone. Winter fruit.


Jeffrey Campbell, Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony, Lindsey Thornburg; all images via Bona Drag.

Warm greys

I had my first front page feature today (for sadieDELUXE) - a beautifully curated winter grays treasury by Trecivettesulcomo.  The furry boots sold....I'm so glad they will be keeping someone cozy this winter.


Harvest Halloween Sale!

30% off ALL items at sadieDELUXE now until Halloween!!! Prices are already marked down.... so go shop and tell your friends. xo


Le shop update

Soooooo much new stuff:

  1. After Dark - peacock blue crushed velvet bodysuit
  2. Suzie Q - maroon velour bodysuit
  3. The Sun Sets West - 1930s/40s rayon crepe rust colored dress
  4. Diamonds & Gin - 1950s cocktail dress
  5. Sweet Dreams - 1960s Emma Domb maxi gown
  6. Daisy Duke - gingham crop top
  7. Gypsy Caravan - handmade traveler's scarf by sadieDELUXE
  8. In Winter - reconstructed infinity scarf
  9. Pale Blue Eyes - reconstructed asymmetrical ice blue dress
  10. The Henrietta - vintage hooded trench
  11. Urban Jungle - black & white abstract animal print outfit
  12. The Soiree - 1950s velvet circle skirt with gold zebras
  13. Lick the Frosting - pink and black prom/debutante ruffle gown


Back then, then now

The Grown-Up

All this stood upon her and was the world
and stood upon her with all its fear and grace
as trees stand, growing straight up, imageless
yet wholly image, like the Ark of God,
and solemn, as if imposed upon a race.

As she endured it all: bore up under
the swift-as-flight, the fleeting, the far-gone,
the inconceivably vast, the still-to-learn,
serenely as a woman carrying water
moves with a full jug. Till in the midst of play,
transfiguring and preparing for the future,
the first white veil descended, gliding softly

over her opened face, almost opaque there,
never to be lifted off again, and somehow
giving to all her questions just one answer:
In you, who were a child once-in you.

- Rainer Maria Rilke (circa 1908), translated by Stephen Mitchell

the rainbows are everywhere

and the magic runs deep (harvest moon, dearest autumn, the winds are changing, and i give thanks).

source: one, two, three (third photo via Leora at Gather Jewelry)


all photos by Chloe Aftel