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Final Portland Post

I am doing my final Portland post today - a mashup of all my remaining photos and moments. First of all, here is what I wore while the bridal party was getting ready for the wedding (I was not in the bridal party, but got to participate in all the girl-i-fied festivities which was wonderful). I threw on this grey jersey dress from Sohie's closet (I believe it's F21) and found a black sash that I tied into a bow belt. I threw my camera over my shoulder and dedicated myself to capturing all the cuteness on film. (You can't quite tell in these photos, but I'm also wearing my custom hoop earrings from Plucking Pendants).

As I mentioned a while ago, I made the bouquet for the bride, and she also commissioned another Etsian to custom-make floral hairpieces for herself and for all the ladies in the bridal party. They came out beautifully - Two by Night is a Portland-based, one-woman operation that makes gorgeous floral/beaded hairpieces for bridal events and beyond. I loved the simple elegance of these, and I loved that the bride had chosen all handmade items for her accessories.

I failed to get very good photos of the ceremony or bouquet...but here is one of the lovers looking quite happy (with floral bouquet in hand). Photography for the wedding and pre-wedding events was done by Alyson Levy at Alyson Levy photography, and she's promised to send me a few previews as soon as she sorts the photos, so stay tuned to see some truly gorgeous imagery of everything I've just talked about in this post.

Finally, Mr. Biggs. Enough said:


Portland Street Style - Lana Jay and Sally

Oh how I have been waiting to post these photos. As I mentioned in this post, Portland is a giant bowl of eye-candy for style-watchers like myself. One morning (afternoon?) as I sat waiting in a long, typical Portland weekend brunch line, I stared at people. So many cuties filed past me on the way to their tables and on their way out. Lots of leather boots. So many boys in plaid shirts (side note: while cute, the plaid shirt gets negative style points on my current ranking scale - plaid is always a classic, but if you're going for hip, please think of something new).

Anyway, I was eying two different girls like crazy. Both of them were gorgeous, and their outfits were wicked. After a bit more waiting, I had to step outside to make a phone call; as I was walking back into the restaurant, I realized the cute girls had teamed up and were talking to each other. Unable to resist, I went over and introduced myself and the sweet ladies let me take photos and talk fashion.

Sally is on the left, and Lana Jay is on the right. Sally recently moved to Portland from San Francisco; Lana Jay is a stylist in our beloved City of Roses.

Here's a close up of Sally's Alexander Wang bag (swoon), and I'm regretting not taking a close up of her ankle clog boots.


Late night shop update...

More more more in the shop!

  1. Sidecar with Brandy - 1960s dropwaist dress
  2. The Audrey - 100% camel hair coat
  3. An Old House in Paris - purple wool felted hat
  4. Rosie Drank the Wine - 1950s ballgown in satin and tulle
  5. Precious Metals No. 5 - vintage silver lame skirt suit
  6. M├ęthode Champenoise - black and gold chiffon cocktail jumpsuit
  7. Working Girl - red sailorette blazer
  8. The City & the Siren - red satin batwing dress
  9. The Margeaux - navy wool prep blazer
  10. The Midnight Hour - 1950s Suzy Perette cocktail dress


Portland Street Style - Kellee

When I was in Portland last week, I managed to take a few street style photos to share with you all. Style-watching is one of my favorite things to do, and Portland is a giant bowl of eye candy. SO MANY CUTE PEOPLE. Here is Kellee who I ran into at Crema (later in the day, after meeting with Annie). Kellee lives in France for most of the year, but her heart is still in Portland and I managed to catch her during one of her visits. How cute are her shoes??

Winter wear

Starting to post some killer winter coats and holiday dresses in the shop!

  1. The Stella - vintage ivory coat with sheepskin cuffs & collar
  2. Precious Metals No. 4 - gold lame Gunne Sax party dress
  3. Chinook Winds - vintage snow parka with sheepskin trimmed hood
  4. The Abigail - gorgeous vintage olive cashmere coate



A while ago I stumbled upon these drawings by Korean artist Moonassi. The drawings are sort of minimalist in their dichromatic scheme, but they are intricately trippy and brilliantly titled. Here are a few of my favorites:

across the universe

let you flow


natural & unnatural

tear drop competition

Moonassi's artist statement:

I draw something I'd like to draw and I can draw well. I draw people because that's what I'd like to talk about. I prefer to draw in a small scale as I wish to capture my everyday thoughts and feelings during a limited time of the day. If I think I want to touch you my drawing reflects that thought. I draw an act that I'm upsetting you if
I think I want to distress you.

The reason why these ephemeral and scattered thoughts are so significant for me is that I can see myself as a tiny fraction like those thoughts, and also I'm the collection of those fractions. I'm the mundane being, a sort of dust everywhere. I'm anyone or anything in anywhere. I want to sweep and gather all those tiny little fractions on paper so as not to be scattered.

sadiedeluxe STREET BOUTIQUE in Chico


thank you for coming!!


A gathering of goods from Chico's finest used clothes & vintage purveyors, crafty vixens, and creative ladies. Lots of cool items for your Fall wardrobe and beyond.

Happy Customers

If any of you sell anything, you surely know what a joy it is to see your items on actual bodies. I get endlessly excited when I see someone wearing my vintage or handmade gear. A million thanks to the darling Sarah, who was my very first customer at the new Sadiedeluxe. She scooped up three of my cutest items, a polka dot bombshell dress, and two boyfriend prep blazers - one green with anchor buttons (so cute) and a navy blue one with classic brass crest buttons. Here she is in her Sadiedeluxe digs....thank you Sarah for sending the photos!

Shop update and new model

Many thanks to my gorgeous new model, Leandra - she is making everything look great...go check out the new items and updated photos at the shop.

Items shown:
  1. Through the Woods - quilted-lined cardigan
  2. In Winter She Flew - heavy cotton ikat jacket
  3. Penny Lane - vintage bohemian cognac boots
  4. She Had Seen Him Before - gunne sax white lace mini dress
  5. Rhinestones & Lipstick - 1950s bombshell dress
  6. New Mexico Roadtrip - dreamcatcher boyfriend shirt by wrangler
  7. When it Rains - southwestern native print umbrella


From the North

At last I have landed back in my small California town that is home. My week in Portland was packed to the gills - I hardly had a minute in between all the visiting, eating, working, etc. It was all very fun, and this will be the first of a few PDX posts that are to come over the next week. I couldn't post much while I was there because...well...I just didn't want to. One of my favorite parts about vacation is (relatively) unplugging.

Anyway, last Sunday, I brought Sophie along with me to my coffee date with the fine Miss Annie from Little Ocean Annie. Annie blogged about our date here. The coffee was excellent (of course), Annie is gorgeous and glowing, and we got to spend an hour talking about Etsy, vintage, boots, and babies. It doesn't get much better than that - I love connecting with other women who can share like-minded information and experiences; it always proves to be inspiring. Here are some photos (complete with my messy morning hair) from the meet-up (I'm using Annie's photos because hers are a bit clearer than mine):

Sophie always lets me pick her outfits when I visit her, which I love. If I could pick outfits for people all day, I'd be so happy. She also lets me wear her clothes and she makes me toast and coffee every morning. I love her.

Some of the things we're wearing in these photos have good stories - Etsy-related and beyond. The boots I'm wearing are from Allen Company, Inc. - I saw them a while ago and loved them but thought they would be too big, so I sent the link to Sophie and she bought them in a flash. The boots are a tiny bit too small for her, and I also loved them so much in person I thought I would die without them, so she graciously passed them on to me on a future-sadiedeluxe-trade credit. I am madly in love with these boots!

Sophie's boots (I believe they're Dingos) were one of her first purchases from my old Tiger Cult shop, and the dress she's wearing is a reconstructed t-shirt dress that I got recently from Repurposeful Punk - doesn't it look great on her? And the shirt I'm wearing is Sophie's, but she got it as a gift from her friend Hannah, and before that it belonged to Hannah's grandmother. So very special.

Annie of course is looking so super cute in her getup, though I didn't ask what anything was! I do know her boots are Frye. I also know that her hair is perfect.

What I'm wearing:

Sheer blue shirt - vintage, from Hannah's grandmother & Sophie's closet
Ivory camisole - Banana Republic
Black nylon tricot leggings - American Apparel
Boots - vintage, Allen Comapny Inc. (and also from Sophie's closet)
Necklace - handmade by me (more here)
Denim butterfly bag - vintage, thrifted
Love Knuckles - Winifred Jewelry