Collaboration & beauty

Recently I did an Etsy barter with Arlie, owner and designer at UrbanRevisions. On my end of the trade, I got one of these gorgeous shredded scarves.

It is simply perfect. The shredding technique Arlie uses leaves the scarf feeling soft and light, like magic on your neck. Her t-shirts and dresses are pretty amazing, too - you should go check them out.

For Arlie, I made her a pair of earrings that she had envisioned in her head. They came out beautifully and so I made more of them - they are now available as a limited edition line at Lost Boys & Lovers, and I've named them "The Arlie" in honor of the collaborative creativity!

The first two photos in this post are courtesy or Arlie/UrbanRevisions; see her blog post on the trade here.

This is just one more example of how inspiring it is to be amongst these women who are creating beautiful works of art to wear or look at; I truly feel that our generation is entering a great moment, and it our work and creativity is an important part of the collective consciousness that we are creating right now.

Sneak preview....more vintage coming soon

Hey loves! I am behind on blogging, posting, etc., but I am still here - fear not. In case you missed it, I've been working on a very simple website to tie all my projects together. You can see it here. I'm going to start switching back to my old sadiedeluxe shop, and I have lots of great stuff in the works for that. I have some new vintage pieces that I need to list, but time has not allowed me the privilege quite yet; so in the meantime, here is a preview of things to come:

  1. southwest print oversize boyfriend shirt by Wrangler
  2. hand-dyed mini slip
  3. mod tangerine 1960s nightie
  4. cowgirl batwing oversize sweater
  5. green preppy blazer with anchor buttons
  6. thick suede fitted western jacket
And so many more good things that I will show you very soon. xo

Custom designs

I have been getting more and more custom orders lately, and they're really fun. I love collaborating with other brains and making someone else's vision come to life. Recently I did these feather-fall earrings for the darling miss anna bee, and they came out better than i thought! each feather is wrapped in reclaimed leather and they are strung together with brass chain.


another August afternoon

It is remarkably hot here in Chico this week, after weeks of unusually mild temperatures. Yesterday Asher and I went to mail packages and were sad to see that the Italian Ice guy was not at his usual spot at the park across the street from the Post Office. Asher took some photos of me and we headed to the grocery store, and came home with endless snacks to eat while laying in the backyard and playing in the sprinklers.

I wore a vintage wrap dress that I got at the thrift store a couple days ago for a dollar! It's so cute - it has big pockets on the front and a v-neck, and it wraps in the back so it looks normal in the front (I love this, because front-wrap dresses always look weird on me). I'm guessing it's circa late 60s or early 70s. I didn't wear much else because of the heat, although my mom recently gave me these really cool leather hair-wrap things; I'm not sure what they're called - does anyone know?

And finally, in the spirit of the upcoming season of harvest, I'm wearing a funky vintage ring with rice & beans cast in resin!


vintage wrap dress - thrifted
vintage leather hair bands - gifted
ring - chin chin vintage

A note on my changes

 To my loved ones and readers - I know I've been changing my layout a lot the past few days, but please bear with me. I'm trying to find what feels best, and so far I don't think I've gotten it quite right. If you have any feedback, by all means, let me know!

And, look at what else I'm working on!

(image source)


Sneak Peek

Here is a little peek at a few items I've been creating for the Nevada City Craft Fair on Saturday. I'm so excited! I'll be bringing lots of vintage and jewelry, too....if you are in the area, you should come out; it's bound to be packed full of wicked cool stuff. I'm worried I'll spend all my earnings before I even get home!

Flapper-esque reconstructed lingerie - vintage waist-nipper & lace bra with drapery fringe and vintage brooches.

This was originally a shirt that I reconstructed into a high-waist miniskirt with pink sash and matching arm flare sleeves. The bra is vintage and I've adorned it with a faux flower and another vintage brooch in the middle.

Vintage reconstructed playsuit with ruffle hem and rhinestone buttons.

Reconstructed booty shorts with ruffle hem, suspender, and bows.

Found this funny airbrushed trucker hat that said "His Hottie", so I made a little feather/leather flare and riveted it over the "his" part - and now it looks way cooler!

Monday outfit - Brown Bag Vintage

So I'm truthfully not that into pink these days...or Mondays, for that matter. But here I am in an adorable pink vintage romper, on a Monday, no less! I got this super-cute terry romper on sale over at Brown Bag of my new favorite Etsy shops. Michelle, the shop owner, has a great eye, a beautiful model, and she reconstructs lots of her items so that they make more fashion sense. I love it. (If you want, follow BBV on Facebook and she offers monthly fan-only discounts).

Wearing vintage everything:

Boots - gifted
belt - thrifted
scarf - from my grandmother
romper - brown bag vintage
earrings (not vintage) - branchbound


Chikoko Secret Fashion Show - The Golden Hour

Last Thursday I got a message that a "secret" fashion show was going to be held on Friday, and anyone who wanted to attend could meet at "the big hands" downtown at 5:30 to be shuttled to the location. A bike gang was also going to be formed for those who did not want to bus. Asher and I decided to go, and I'm so glad I did. Only in Chico will you hop on a bus with solar panels, walk through trails or dirt and rocks, and climb down a steep hillside into an abandoned dam in a dried out creekbed to watch a fashion show. I LOVE THIS SHIT.

The show was put on by local fashion collective Chikoko, and was a showcase of Burning Man fashions and outfits (Burning Man fever is officially super hot everywhere you look). Below are some photos I took along with captions to explain the best I can what was going on (click on any photo to enlarge).

Asher and I ran some errands and then went downtown to "the big hands." We were early, so we had a mini-picnic while we waited.

The buses arrived promptly; there is another shorter bus, but you can't see it in my photo.

They bused everyone to a nearby spot (lots of people rode bikes, too), and then we all walked a fair distance to find the show:

And here we arrived at the venue:

The cement blocks acted as seats, and the sloped concrete wall was the runway. People filtered in for about a half hour before they actually started the show. They called the show "The Golden Hour" for very clear reasons - the sun was beginning to set, and the fields of grass in the creek bed all glowed golden as the sun set (see my last post here).  It was really adorable and rad in its entirety - both the fashion and the community gathering. The kids all ran around and entertained themselves:

And the sound system was powered by a handful of bicyclists. I tried my best to get a photo - you can see them up on the concrete platform pedaling:

The fashion show was short and sweet; lots of creative Nor-cal Burning Man fashions and pretty ladies showing them off.

My personal favorites were the shredded umbrellas that a few models had, like the one in the second photo above.  The next day they had a yard sale to sell off a bunch of their stuff, but I didn't make it, as I've been holed up in my craft room making stuff for MY pre-Burning Man craft show this next Saturday (more on that, soon).

Mostly I loved that it was outside in what is essentially a ditch, and that everyone was happy to be there, and that all the children played together and no one has to worry. Chico has a really great community vibe, especially when it comes to the children, and the taking care of the children. It is just assumed that we will all bring our children everywhere, and that we will all take care of the children, regardless of whose they are. I really like that. A lot.

(Also, you can view some much better photos of the show over here at Ernesto Foto).

Fields of Gold

Early evening. August 20. Northern California.



I have finally added a few new things to Lost Boys & Lovers:

And I also took some new (and much better photos) of these two necklaces in the shop. Thanks to darling Jaime for modeling!