Lost Boys & Lovers Wildegirl Foxtail Belt

My second Lost Boys & Lovers belt - a gorgeous pieced-together masterpiece, essential for any woman who is wild at heart but fashionably grounded (she says with a wink).

None of these pieces came together - I collected them over time, and they all came together when the time was right. Belt is beautiful vintage tooled/woven leather from Mexico. The leather fringe pouch snaps on or off with a little leather attachment that I riveted to the belt. Likewise, the tail is removable and slides onto a leather buckle strap that has also been attached to the belt. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that you can hook anything your heart desires to these attachments. Native American in headdress belt buckle.

Belt on model:

Some more detail shots:

I will list this baby tomorrow and also edit this post a bit! I'm so tired I'm having a hard time with my word maker.

Lost Boys & Lovers Cowgirl-Infused Obi Belt

Update: Here is the belt on Etsy

I have been making lots of belts over the past couple days, and I think I am going to do a blog post for each of them - this way I can link the Etsy listing back here, and people can see more photos. I really feel like 5 photos is just not enough for these darlings!

This post is for my first belt ....vintage tooled leather belt set on reclaimed soft red leather. Antiqued brass rivets and contrast taupe stitching. Reversible! Other side appears as soft, cherry-red suede, accented by the stitching and rivets. 

I took several photos of the belt  - first, here is me modeling it:

Here are some close ups of the belt on the mannequin for a bit more detail:

Here it is in reverse:

And finally, here it is unbound:

I will update this post with a link to the belt in the shop once it's listed.



I have tons of new accessories and shoes to list! If only I could climb inside a single hour and stretch it to fit all my needs. Here are some purses that will be in the shop sooooon:

  1. Vintage brocade tapestry purse with brass studs
  2. Vintage Southwest-style tapestry purse with braided leather strap
  3. Vintage tooled leather purse with Aztec-style detail
  4. Vintage handmade denim bag with butterfly tapestry panel - wait till you see the inside detail - so many pockets!


Carry me


Timberline Treasures:

Nomadic Bags:

Hier Apparel:

Did you know?

Crystallography is the experimental science of determining the arrangement of atoms in solids. The word "crystallography" is derived from the Greek words crystallon = cold drop / frozen drop, with its meaning extending to all solids with some degree of transparency, and grapho = write.

Before the development of X-ray diffraction crystallography, the study of crystals was based on the geometry of the crystals. This involves measuring the angles of crystal faces relative to theoretical reference axes (crystallographic axes), and establishing the symmetry of the crystal in question. The former is carried out using a goniometer. The position in 3D space of each crystal face is plotted on a stereographic net, e.g. Wulff net or Lambert net. In fact, the pole to each face is plotted on the net. Each point is labelled with its Miller index. The final plot allows the symmetry of the crystal to be established.

Crystallographic methods now depend on the analysis of the diffraction patterns that emerge from a sample that is targeted by a beam of some type. The beam is not always electromagnetic radiation, even though X-rays are the most common choice. For some purposes electrons or neutrons are used, which is possible due to the wave properties of the particles. Crystallographers often explicitly state the type of illumination used when referring to a method, as with the terms X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction and electron diffraction.

You learn something new everyday.

(via wikipedia)

Style win - JEWEL

Okay, so thanks to the glorious stash of People magazines I tore through during a recent waiting-room stint, I learned that Jewel has a new album out. While I certainly loved some Jewel back in my sweet-sixteen-my-heart-breaks-for-everything era, I can't say that I've listened to her since. BUT. I will always proudly wear my love for folky cowgirl music. I love it. I just do.

Anyhoo - this isn't really about her music - I couldn't help but notice that her outfit on her new album cover is a total WIN in my book. An altered over-the-top prom(ish) dress (chopped in the front - 10 extra points) with a bustier-style bodice, a heavy duty leather belt, tiny fitted leather vest, and dirty leather boots.

Any of you who know me knows that I would wear this entire ensemble in a second. Well, truthfully I'd like a liiiiittle bit more edge in there somewhere - maybe some messier hair and some clunky accessories - I'm not super into the angelic-glowy thing. If this could be fused with these, that would probably be the most ideal:

But the basic concept is there.

In fact, maybe I will adopt this outfit as inspiration and design my own version soon. (Don't worry, I'll let you know if I do... I have THIS amazing little number just waiting to be adapted and adopted.)

Three photos above via Twisted Lamb - link: one, two, three


Anne Pinkerton

I found this beautiful skirt a while ago at a local thrift store - I didn't buy it the first time, but when I saw it still on the racks a few weeks later, I had to get it. Aside from the gorgeous Southwest-style print... it also has a tag with bananas on it. For some reason I'm a sucker for really cute vintage tags.

The skirt is designed by Anne Pinkerton, who began as a designer for Jones New York in the 1970s, but moved on rather quickly to her own line from 1978-1997. After that, she designed for Victoria's Secret, and now she has her own design line at Anthropologie.

I found this old video online from an Anne Pinkerton runway show in 1985. SOoooo 80's!!

This will be up in the shop soon!


Brandi Strickland

Still can't get over the deep love for Brandi Strickland. Her stuff makes me feel like someone just reminded me of a secret that I learned as a tiny, tiny child and had forgotten. I love when an artist can unlock the buried treasure - the old secrets that might have gone unremembered were it not for a sudden glance at someone else's inner workings.

some favorites from her dark crystal collection:

and from her inner space collection:


Friday i'm in love

A hundred YAYs for Friday. Or two hundred. I am sooo tired. Ran a million errands today and took Asher to his first swim lesson at Chico Water Sprites (yes, it was as cute as it sounds). I came home and napped, woke up, ordered pizza with the boys, and now I am lounging gloriously in my underwear in the evening heat. Ahhhh, summer.

I probably won't post all weekend, so I thought I'd leave you with another outfit. It's been a long time coming - these outfits posts - and I promise that soon enough I'll figure out the perfect setup so that I get clearer shots of all my wearin's. This is what I wore out with some ladies the other night to go see the Pretty Things Peep Show.

the peep show was a bit of a let-down, though I do love the concept and Go Go Amy is way hot. However, the performers seemed a bit "off", and I couldn't quite shake my disappointment that Bettina May, one of my old-school favoritest Suicide Girls, wasn't there (as advertised). We all know that 2 pinup girls is much better than 1. I even asked about her during the intermission, and got a very confusing answer from another performer. I am imagining some kind of on-the-road fight that led her to flee the team and tour, but truthfully, I don't really know.

Anyway, a lot of the girls went with a pinup/rockabilly theme, but I wasn't feeling it. As much as i LOVE that style, it's just not mine, and it would take too much work for me to do it. Instead, I went with my usual - some sort of unnamed fusion of Pocahontas/ninja/cowgirl/raver-circa-1998. It works, no?


shirt: gift
pants: free pile in portland. i think they are maybe from hot topic?
boots: borrowed from Tiger Cult
turquoise ring: thrifted
druzy ring: the social cellar
love knuckles: winifred jewelry
belt: handmade by kristin