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A few new dresses in the shop:


I found an old desk and chair the other day (the neighbor was cleaning out her shed) and decided to revamp them so that Asher could have a legitimate desk for all his art stuff (paper and marker MADHOUSE). The desk was simple and old, in mediocre condition, and the chair was cute with a really gross vinyl cushion (sorry, no "before" pics of the desk):

I unscrewed the seat of the chair and ripped off the vinyl cover. The inside was cotton batting which was still in good condition! Thank goodness - because I absolutely HATE dealing with disintegrating foam. Ugh.

I tossed the vinyl and cut a new cover out of some thick cotton canvas from my mom, and then tacked it back on to the wood using the upholstery tacks that had already been in there, plus a few new ones that I had in the garage.

Then, with minimal cursing, I screwed the seat back onto the chair. Oh, I also cleaned the whole thing and then oiled all the wood with olive oil.

For the desk, I decided to go easy-styles and paint it. This was a little bit harder than I first anticipated, due to the heat. I had to paint early, then bring it in the house after a few hours so it wouldn't cook. Then bring it back out for another coat, and then bring it in again, etc. 3 times! But it looks way better, and luckily Asher doesn't really care about perfect paint jobs - and now he has a desk - and it makes his whole room look way better!


DIY Pocket Belt

My dear friends, here is a very easy, very satisfying, very summery DIY project to feed your crafty souls. I will start with giving credit where credit is due. The inspiration for this project came from reading Sasha's blog post here - the 6th photo down is where I got this idea. So thanks to Sasha, and extended thanks beyond that to the woman who is actually wearing the belt in the photo. See what happens with the internet???

Here we go.

(*note: click on photos to enlarge for detail)

I started with a pair of jeans that I had conveniently found in a free pile on the side of the road a few weeks ago (the mass exodus of college students leaves the curbs rich with American Eagle & Forever 21 goods. Like fallen chestnuts. It is amazing). These were nice because they already had pretty cool rear pockets.

First, I cut off the waistband of the jeans, leaving the pockets of your choosing attached. One of the rear pockets I ended up cutting off, because I wanted it to look a little more organic than just 2 back pockets, if that makes sense:

Already off to a great start! The waistband alone could act as a belt, but I wanted to embellish it a bit. So I took a piece of scrap leather and cut a shape out of it, and riveted it onto some extra fabric I had left next to one of the pockets.

Next, I took the rear pocket that I had removed, and sewed it onto the plain front pocket:

That's it! Belt complete!

This took me about 20-30 minutes in all. So fast and fun. And of course, there are endless possibilities as to how this could take shape, the embellishments you could add, buckles you could attach, extra pockets and loops, lace, leather, fringe, flowers, etc. This is just a basic model. But it's totally cute and will be adorable over some leggings or tiny shorts. Or not.

Tools & materials I used for this:
  • Jeans
  • Leather scraps
  • Rivets
  • Leather hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Hammer
 There ya go. Yet another excuse to cut up your pants. xoxo

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Fruit! Big, ripe, juicy, magical fruit growing in the yard. Yesterday we went on a tree-climbing fig hunt. The good ones are all sort of far away, but we managed to harvest a glorious few. They were devoured quickly:

We also have this adorable, tiny-but-thickly-laden white nectarine tree. Nothing is ripe yet, but I eagerly await the juice on my chin:

Asher in the fig tree...he climbed up there all by himself:


New creations

The Season of Fruit

The summer solstice is upon us. Technically, it is happening today, in a matter of minutes (11:28 am). Last night we hiked to some cliffs to watch the sun set on the longest day. It did not disappoint, and bled deep red and purple after the final blaze sunk below the mountains. Welcome, the season of ripe fruit. 

So, my dear friends, may your most precious fruits (physical and beyond) ripen over the next few months, may they grow heavy with sugar and juice, may they soften to perfection and pull slowly earthward as they prepare for harvest (and consumption). Oh, the delight of it ALL!

And on a related note, my green apple fruit bowls were featured on the front page of Etsy last night - Tiger Cult's first time on the front page! Woohoo!