New Designs - Playa Bunnies and beyond

Finally last night I listed some new designs at Lost Boys & Lovers! These new pieces are all reclaimed/upcycled/reconstructed garments. As with all of my designs, nothing is really conceived until it is created. I just find inspiration in one small piece, and then I keep building until it's done, hoping that the final result is as exciting in my hands as it was in my head. I have 5 new pieces in the shop - get your freaking BURNING MAN on because these need to be on the Playa. (I modeled the pieces and Asher took the photos! Some of them are a little blurry, but I think he did pretty good for a little guy):

1. URBAN PIRATE micro mini skirt

2. FOREST FAIRY shredded ballgown



5. STARLET fringe garter belt


Friday send off - good memories and pretty things

I love giving you all a Friday send-off post, since weekends are usually my designated non-computer time. Today my brain is full of endless to-do lists and wild dreams of summer adventures. Every time I stand beneath a tree I am instantly transported to fantastical magic forest land. Everything is alive and breathing; the geometry of space is nearly visible to the naked eye.

So. Today I plan, clean, plan, clean, organize, work, eat, and lay in the sun. I will leave you with these 4 photos from my past - some favorites - that I have transformed using another addictive download, Poladroid. It makes one feel a little better that real Polaroid film is now an expensive relic of the past.

golden light, champagne nights:

posing for a knitting ad:

teeny buns at the oregon coast:

kristin's fine sewing work:

au revoir, mes amis. may your weekend be filled with sunlight and grand ideas. xo



New earrings...

New earrings just posted at Lost Boys & Lovers. Click here to look in the shop and see more photos.


And the winner is....

Thank you to Nicole for composing this post! And thank you all for entering!

congratulations to the winner of the first annual (hey, it could happen!) tiger cult vintage and flaming hag folkwear giveaway....melissalynn!!!! equestrian goodness is headed your way, my dear.
we were just talking about it, and we really wish that everyone who entered could have won. thanks so much for entering the giveaway, checking out and/or following our blogs, posting comments, and just being all-around inspiring to us!


your buds,

sadie of tiger cult vintage
nicole of flaming hag folkwear


Happy friday & shop update

Hello loved ones! Friday at last....hooray. I have posted some new goodies in the shop, and, because I am short on time, shall leave you with a few photos of those. Nicole and I are tallying up the giveaway entries and will announce a winner tonight!!

New (vintage) digs:


Mama bear and baby bear

The other day I was out taking a bunch of photos of shoes for Tiger Cult. I was trying all sorts of weird things to get some good shots of myself wearing shoes, and I was also taking tons of photos of various shoes in various positions. Asher watched, and then asked if he could have a turn, and spent a few minutes posing on his own, as well as photographing his Batman flip flops. CUTE.


Vintage vintage vintage

A few new items up at Tiger Cult!

Sister Solstice

Yay!! Lost Boys & Lovers was featured on the Etsy front page today. Featured item was the new SISTER SOLSTICE leather fringe and bullet casing earrings.

The treasury that was featured was curated by my adorable Etsy friend Ashley, and all items were from members of the Indie Free Spirits Team.



Head on over to my dear friend's blog - HUNGOVER PORTLAND - to read a special mother's day edition guest blog by me - "Hangovers and Babies".


Give thanks

I just want to say THANK YOU to all my dear & beautiful girlfriends who support what I do and who buy my stuff. It means a lot. You know who you are. xoxo

This is for you.


Sadie's Wardrobe

 Look what I just found!

Another Sadie. An adorable Sadie from England who has a fashion blog. Because I have an extra special place in my heart for cute Sadies, I immediately fell in love.

If you'd like, go see more photos of her at her blog.