Some of you may or may not know that I LOVE Audrey Kawasaki. I believe I've mentioned it several times in the lifespan of this blog.

Every so often (rarely - maybe once or twice a year), she offers a limited-edition print sale. It is insanely hard to get one of these prints, as they generally sell out in about 12 seconds. No joke. This time, however, she was kind enough to offer a limited-time edition print, meaning that anyone who purchased a print within a specific 60 minute window would get a print. And I finally got one! I'm so excited. She also offered up two different prints this time, pictured above. I chose "Hyakki Yakou." I love the monsters.

I ordered it in January, and it just arrived the other day. She sold way more prints than anticipated, and so signing, packing, and shipping all of them took a while. But I am now the proud owner of a beautiful and signed Audrey Kawasaki print. Now off to the frame shop.....

Baking cookies

Single ladies

This is really funny. I love the little girl in the middle - like "YOU TOTALLY HARSHED THE MELLOW DUDE."


Etsy Wishlist

1. Rockstar Flares by Dervishgirl (Catherine has these and i'm jealous every time she wears them).

2. The Everyday Jumpsuit by Herbandevi

3. CABIN FEVER buffalo check shirt by Wolfcalls (sold out but i LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!)

4. Hand dyed cotton rainbow net canopy by RainbowRevolution

Porch picnic

Extra seating on the driveway. Springtime afternoon family fest. I believe Asher was telling a story about encountering an orca and the drama that ensued. He sure tells some darn good stories. Everything he hears or sees gets filtered into some new amalgamation of reality.

New Stuff in the Shop (Tiger Cult)

Tiger Cult is getting more stocked with every passing day, so take a look if you haven't lately!


Earl Grey - From Mermaid's Closet

Yay! Today Tiger Cult is featured in this beautiful treasury poster sketch by Hollie of Mermaid's Closet.

The best part is that she posted the sketch in a blog post with a recipe for a delicious earl grey tea recipe (London the post to see the recipe!!). Earl Grey is one of my most favorite teas of all time. Visit Hollie's two Etsy shops - I'm From the Woods and Blueberry Shoes!!


New earrings are finally up at Lost Boys & Lovers. xoxo

Thanks to Melissa for the dove feathers... I love them!


I SAW YOU IN MY SLEEP - handmade flower and feather boho headband

WOW! Lost Boys & Lovers was featured on the Etsy homepage again today. I am so stoked. I need to get some new listings up pronto!

Featured item was the I SAW YOU IN MY SLEEP headband. Thanks to Kellee for the photos on that one. xoxo

group photo

From Table Mountain day. SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!


DIY jewelry display

If you're anything like me, you have a billion earrings and you LOVE THEM ALL. In my old house, I hung them on the edge of a large lampshade and along the rim of a large vase I had in my room. But in my new house, neither of those objects really went in my room, so I needed somewhere to hang my earrings.

I have several yards of this beautiful lace/netted fabric from my mom, so I cut two strips and nailed them to the wall. I can hang necklaces from the nails, and earrings from the lace. So perfect and easy! My next step would be to actually sew these into tiny curtains and hang them from dowel, but that isn't quite at the top of my list. They work for now - I love having my jewelry out as a decoration, rather than put away in a box (except for sterling silver since it tarnishes too fast unless it's in a box).

Second, just today I designed this necklace holder - I took this old wooden frame I'd been saving for something, and hammered three nails into the bottom, then hung it on the wall. Done! Necklace hanger.


Go check out these cute sisters and their cute blog. They also have cute Pendleton jackets. I featured these ladies on the House of Vintage blog a while back - still loving them! They have lots of rad DIY posts and of course excellent taste in vintage. J'adore.


Think and you shall recieve

Here's a good story: 2 days ago, I was perusing the internets, thinking about my platform clogs in the shop, and HOW MUCH they resemble the Chanel clogs in the Spring 2010 show, and thank you Karl Lagerfield for bringing back the platform clog, thereby giving my vintage beauties that much more cred.

So as I was thinking this, (naturally) I thought it would make a good blog post. I would simply have to find some photos from the fashion show, and then post them next to a photo of the ones I have listed on Etsy.

(I always like tying my vintage items into some modern piece or movement. Or really, I think telling any story about an item is always intriguing).

Anyway, I digress. What really happened is that I was too tired to actually compose the blog post, so I went to bed.


The next day, I worked, ran some errands, and cam home to this note in my Etsy inbox:


I love this item and I just wanted to let you know that I featured this item in a fashion post on my blog. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

Please click on the link and check it out. I didn't need to make the blog post. Kristen at Salon Mystique is apparently on my exact same page and was not too tired to compose the post. Thanks Kristen!

Check out Salon Mystique's blog and Etsy shop, too.

Table Mountain

Today Asher's school met up at Table Mountain to celebrate the arrival of spring. There was the option to rendezvous at sunrise (!) - an option we opted out of. We did manage to arrive around 10 am, having already missed the potluck breakfast (amazing, these early risers), and made it for the wildflower hike. So beautiful. Everyone at Asher's school is so great - we arrived to lots of hugs and handshakes and happy chatters....we hiked through fields and fields of tiny, bursting wildflowers, followed a creek, walked through the cows.... there were snakes, salamanders, frogs, waterfalls, sunshine, and warm air. Ahhhhh.


Tiger Cult Update

A few new items at Tiger Cult (Miss Sophie modeled during her visit), although work is soooo crazy this week that I've not had nearly enough time to list things. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll have made a big dent. But there are a few new things.... so go look!!

Also, I'm having a free shipping sale until the end of March, so please tell your friends! I read an article today arguing the power of Facebook over Google.... so... ya know. Ahem.

Quote of the day

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the is the source of all true art and science."  (Albert Einstein)

Short and Sweet

Last week in the darling town of Chico, I got second place in a 59 word fiction contest in the local weekly newspaper. My prize is a gift certificate to a local bookstore. Hooray! I haven't won a writing contest in years and years, and I'm not gonna lie - it was exciting. You can read the article here.

My entry:

Gold eyeshadow girl puts on her lipstick and listens to high heels click on the glossy floor; there are voices illuminated by the tile and tin, faces illuminated by bright lights and gin. She walks out before the rest of them, steps into darkness, feels one hundred breaths hit her skin, fades into the low growl of the bar.

The perfect slice

Woot! Just bought these beautiful agate slice earrings from the aforementioned Leora and her fabulous Etsy shop. I notice myself more and more getting into earrings that are simple yet astounding. Beautiful, but not necessarily flashy. Or something like that, I think. Everything is shifting, you know?

I love getting older and carving out what it is, exactly, that we love. It reminds me of writing poetry- you trim it down and trim it down until only the very skeleton remains, glowing, relaying an entire emotional universe in its bare bones. I feel like that. Like we can do that in life to pursue our truth.


Bringing it back

So cute and clever! The ultimate revamp of the 1st grade girl recess activity - cootie catcher madness. This one is especially beautiful, I think, and handmade with a letterpress.


Loving these wickedly amazing earrings from Leoravon on Etsy. Check out her other works of art, too. I have a pair of earrings from her that I love, and get compliments on them everytime... and another custom pair in the works!!


TIGER CULT - the launch


Sooooo.... I finally launched TIGER CULT!!! Thank you to all my girlfriends who voted on the name and told me what you liked best. I love having a creative team. My brain is a mishmash of Etsy and blogger and twitter right now; I'll get it all sorted out soon. In the meantime, please visit the shop and tell all your friends. I have tons of more items coming soon. Hopefully. xoxo


Princess Tiger Lily - Front Page Feature!

Lost Boys & Lovers was featured on the front page of Etsy again today!

Featured item was the Princess Tiger Lily deerskin headband.

Thank you to the lovely Sophie Tiger Lily for modeling.

You can also view this post at