Flowers in your hair

WHEW! Big day today. Many thanks to the lovely Jamie who came over and modeled her buns off so I can start stocking my shops. Please head over to LB&L to check out the new items!

Pictured above:
  1. Devoured by Pele earrings
  2. Sweet Tiger earrings
  3. The Fortune Teller's Daughter necklace
  4. Mossy Lake ring



Lost Boys & Lovers WILD CHILD earrings were featured on the front page of Etsy today!! so exciting!!!


In the craft room

Asher takes photos while I make curtains and imagine the other sewing i would do with endless time and energy.


the new beauty

Look at this beautiful wedding dress!

"Callie is constructed with five different hemp/silk blend fabrics. Hemp grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers blended with wild peace silk (cocoons are harvested only after the moths have emerged). This dress features an organic cotton base layer and is fully lined in silk."


From ThreadHead on Etsy.

Year of the TIGER

New SHE'S A TIGER earrings in the shop!


I know you remember

Oh man, I found this at a thrift store the other day and couldn't resist. I mean, come ON! How many of you girls would have died for this leotard about 15-20 years ago? Uhhhh-huuuhh.

It's all one piece. Undershirt, pink leotard, and black ruffles. Killllerrr. It's actually a girls' size 12, I can barely fit into it, but I did it for the blog....Because this reminds me so much of being 8 years old, and certain that, with the right leotard, the rest of life would just fall into place.

Ode to Kristin

Today I bought an ugly white lampshade at Ross for 1.99, and, upon returning home, began one of my first DIY crafting projects in the new house. I've been doing other projects - mostly yard/paint related, but I just unpacked all my crafting goods and will get back on that wagon soon.

Anyway, this one goes out to Kristin, because this was her fabric and she covered lampshades in the exact same fabric when we lived in Portland.

It looks great!

(Oh - for the crafters - all I did was put fabric glue all over the shade and then wrap in in fabric, making sure it was all smooth. then i trimmed the edges, and added more glue and then folded them over to the underside to make it look nice and clean. the clothespin help it dry securely. super quick and easy!)


Cinema by Asher.

Hold me closer

The love story continues in all dimensions - past, future, present, and beyond.


Norcal Vintage LOVE

Darling friends and readers. Are you still there? I am still here, I promise. Deep in the heart of California and LOVING IT!

Thought I'd just highlight a few of the awesome vintage sellers that reside in this neck of the woods, I'm still plotting my own vintage adventures and hoping to launch them soon. But in the meantime, these ladies have some serious style to stare at. Meow!

Astral Boutique

Dig Vintage/Flaming Hag Folkwear

Urban Lotus Boutique


A quick update from Chico

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I've been so scarce. Turns out building a new life is TIRING. But we are here - we have landed safely and are remarkably happy, with things flowing even more smoothly than anticipated. Our house is beautiful, and thanks to Sophie coming and helping for a few days, it is already set up and cozy with only a few boxes left to unpack. The weather is still cold, but yesterday was bright and sunny and we spent all day outside working on the ivy and the car.

We also picked a heaping pile of oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines from the trees in our back yard!!!

As I write this, Asher is at his first day at a new school, and I am trying to get back to work. I promise to be in touch with all of you soon.


SecondHand Addiction

I just found these sellers on Etsy, and headed over to their blog. Operated by 2 women, SecondHand addiction "is both an attempt at a clever play on words and an admission of a problem that the two partners share".

I am re-posting their CLEVER blog post called "1st Step to Recovery." This sh*t is hilarious and brilliant and totally right on. I love it!!!!
Isn't the first step in the road to recovery admitting that you have a problem?! This addiction is something very few talk about. The symptoms are clear and so here are a few of the signs that you have a problem:
  • You have 10 minutes to kill before having to be somewhere - you end up at a thrift store for "just a couple of minutes." You are always late,
  • Yard Sales and Church sales are hard to drive by - Estate Sales; impossible!
  • You hear yourself saying "I could sell this" and "these cost $20 brand new" and "If I just cut a little off" and "I could get that stain out" all to justify a purchase of a useless item that you can't live without,
  • Your closets, drawers, garage, yards, storage unit and even your car are littered with the above mentioned items that you will find a use for/fit into one day,
  • You get a physical high that is better than any drug when you find an item that fits, is your style, is the plate that completes the set, etc. (recent example: a hand crocheted 120" white cotton tablecloth - mint condition for $8),
  • In spite of etiquette dictating the opposite, when you get a compliment, you proudly announce what you paid for the subject of the admiration, where you got it, and if you know, who owned it before you,
  • When traveling, you visit thrift stores in other cities,
  • Even though you live in a city with one of the most moderate winter's in the US, half your closet is filled with vintage coats,
  • You call on the free items listed in Craigslist and Freecycle, even though you don't need the stuff. It's free!!
  • When shopping, if you happen to see something fabulous in someone's cart/pile, you are tempted to liberate it from them, because nobody could appreciate the worth of a vintage item like you can. (If you actually do liberate the item, you should seek immediate help!)
Via Secondhand Addiction.