Lost boys & lovers

Okay. Progress is being made. Truthfully I am in the midst of lots of changing and building right now, and nothing is entirely bear with me over the next few months as new things transpire and old things transform. I have lots of visions that I'm working on.

In the meantime, I've decided to move all my handmade goods over to their own Etsy shop, which you can view here:

Lost Boys & Lovers
Lost Boys & Lovers
Lost Boys & Lovers

I won't get anything else listed until after the move, because I have already (sadly) packed up all my crafting supplies. But I'm excited to make more stuff, and I will let you know as soon as I do!

For now, please check out LB&L and HEART IT.


Beauty sleep

Posted a few more things in the shop! Will post more later...I keep promising myself I'll get to bed before 2 am, but it's so hard sometimes. xoxo

1970s boho headwrap:

vintage vinyl frame purse with brass chain:

vintage navy blue suede military-style coat:


Locket up

Super cool hand-screened vintage lockets. Can find them here. Locally made!


If you're going to do it, do it disco

Just listed these UH-MAZING Walter Steiger 1970s disco platforms in my shop. Silver and teal leather with steel-wrapped platforms. Yes, that's right. The platforms are enrobed in a thin sheet of stainless steel. GLAM.

You can put on your lipstick or mascara with these babies - no need to carry a mirror! I searched the internet high and low for another pair like them, but to no avail. I found another similar pair on another blog, here, and they also have the shiny platform.

However, in my searching, I did learn about Walter Steiger, who is creating incredible coture shoes even today. In the 60s and 70s he was designing for several large fashion houses and designer, including Ungaro, Chloe, Lagerfield, and Oscar de la Renta. He just opened a shop in Paris called "Maison STEIGER Bottier" - where you can (for a small fortune, I'm sure) purchase a pair of made to measure shoes. He also has a regular boutique in London.

Here are some photos of his modern styles:


Oui! Le couturier!

Listing more and more stuff in the shop...hooray! Pictured above, 1980s colorsplash Pierre Balmain secretary dress. Yes yes yes please more sexy secretary look, girls. I love it. Here is a picture of Balmain adjusting a couture dress on a model in 1947.

Though Balmain himself died in 1982, the year I was born, his fashion house was led by Erik Mortensen and Oscar de la Renta (1993) in subsequent years. It says here - "Known for sophistication and elegance, [Balmain] once said that 'dressmaking is the architecture of movement.'"

Some of you may remember Penelope Cruz taking over the dress frenzy at the 2009 Oscars with her killer gown choice - vintage Pierre Balmain. So impressive, so beautiful. Yes, I love her more and more each day.

second photo via wikipedia


Stun Gun

Found these while browsing on Etsy. Swooned for a while, and then I realized I was looking at Timeless Vixen Vintage, which I've heard mentioned many a time in the vintage blogosphere. DROOL attack!!!!


"Consumerism is threatening to undermine measures by governments worldwide to combat climate change effectively according to a report by a U.S. think tank."


It matters

Via Vivvienne Sato at Home in Tokyo by The Selby.


A couple more....

I can't help it. So cute!

Earrings are up


She Sells Seashells

Sophie modeled my vintage seashell dress and amazing Pocahontas jacket for me today. See them here.

She modeled some earrings, too....hopefully I'll get them posted tonight.

Jumpsuits are forever

This is one of my favorite things that I wore for Prance & Swagger's shop photos. Pretty cute, right? See it here!!

I want to feel like this

Stolen/cross-posted from Mary Lee at Twisted Lamb. GO SEE HER BLOG for more mindbending beauty.

Photo by James Meakin.


Re-Do Re-Vamp Re-Create

Okay, I re-did my shop again.

The items I relisted last week were just too summery, and they need better photos anyway, so please VISIT THE SHOP again! It's better! I added a few items tonight, and more to come tomorrow. I'm going to have vintage and handmade, so there will be lots of treasures to dig through soon. And you know - tell your friends, ok?


Went to go see PANTyRAiD on Saturday night at the Crown Room and it was off the hook. Danced all night - the place was packed and fully bouncing. If you haven't heard of PANTyRAiD, here's your cue - go check it out asap. Two of the cutest boys around laying on some seriously sexy danceable sauce.

Their first album (yes, The Sauce) is available here.

And since I'm generally in super mama mode, it was nice to finally get out and see everyone and stay up way past my bedtime. GRRRrrrr.


Welcome to January

January is f*cking cold. Always. It is always grey and wet and cold. This morning I had the tiniest bit of running around to do, and I was frozen solid and fully grumpified in less than 5 minutes. I came home asap and made hot soup, hot tea, and bundled into warm, dry clothes and turned on my heater. I feel better now.

And, the main reason I'm writing, is because I also just ate one of these:

It is one of the best things I have ever tasted. You should get one (or many) - they are conveniently located by the bucket full right next to the registers at New Seasons. Even at age 27, there is something quite irresistible about a pile of beautifully foiled, glittering chocolates.


Do the dress

I relisted some stuff on Etsy. Cute dresses, ladies!

And also

Happy New Year. I spent the holiday here:

It was warm and full with lots of rain and fire.

Happ UH nings

Yowza hardly any time to blog!! November-December ended up being a super crafty month for me. I essentially discovered the power of having a designated craft table. I actually took over the dining room table, but I developed a system that made it easy to get at all my supplies so that I wouldn't be thwarted by logistical laziness. Here are some things I made:

Flower & feather & leather headband:

Skeleton key earrings:

Glass & chain earrings with matching ring: