Will you wear découpage, jenny jenkins?

So I "reconstructed" some shoes the other night. Viva la collage 4-EVR! I took these leopard wedges I've had for a while:

And I collaged them, essentially. Cut some things out of a magazine and out of a découpage book I have, and I glued them on with a simple glue stick. As you can see, I also taped around the seam between shoe and wedge:

After I began collaging, I realize I wouldn't be able to cover the whole heel in cut outs. So I opted to paint the bare areas with magenta acrylic paint:

It took a few coats, but I got it covered. I then painted 3 layers of Mod Podge on top of it to cement everything down and give it a nice sheen. Finally, I sprayed the heels with acrylic to seal everything in and make it smell really good (HA! go outside for that part). And here they are- vast improvement, no?

If you want to try something like this, here are my lessons learned:

  1. I hadn't planned on painting them initially, but were I to do this again, I might try to actually spray paint the heels white to give myself a better working base. That way I would only have had to do one paint of acrylic. This time I had to do about three, and because I was painting after I glued stuff down, this increased my chances for error - painting on edges of the collage, etc.
  2. Use masking tape to block of the shoe. I used Scotch tape because it was all I had, but it's an inferior blocking tape.
  3. Think it out before hand. This is a step I consistently leave out of my craft projects.
  4. Get a good paintbrush for the paint and the Mod Podge. It makes a difference.
I think that's about it, or at least all I can think of for now. I'm pretty happy with them, especially for a first try. It's an excellent way to spice up an item that you like, but often overlook.

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