The most amazing thing happened to me this weekend...

...I found out about Rancho Deluxe! This gem is actually filled with gems, costume jewelry, elephant figurines, vintage copper toasters, antique dresses, books, teacups, and anything else your heart desires. I was happily swimming in literal piles of crystals and rhinestones, like the most amazing-ever Grandma's jewelry box.

Like buried treasure, it is generally locked. Unlike buried treasure, it opens to the public on Saturdays only (hooray). I can't quite describe the thrill of places like these. Yes, it's not for everyone, but it certainly is for me. The prices are completely reasonable, and there is undoubtedly something for everyone... check it out for your holiday shopping! There is no website, and alas, no photos on the web, and I forgot my camera when I went - but no matter - leaves more up to your imagination. So fabulous! (Thanks, Heather!!!).

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