Note to self

I want this book.

And the waters sparkled

Just got back from Maui adventure with Sophie. So much epic beauty pouring from the core of that island. It was inspiring to rest among humans who live their days largely by the rule of the sun and eat fruit that falls constantly to their feet from the surrounding trees. Perhaps when I am less exhausted, I will try to explain it better. But maybe not. It's almost like it's all resting inside of me like a beautiful secret - like an amazing night with a lover that you sort of want to tell everyone about, but know they would never understand because magic is one of those things that can never be explained, it can only be felt.



So, this was a card that I had given someone long ago. I remember the moment where I tore the picture from the rest of the card, and thought to myself that I should write down the artist/print information on the back. I didn't do that. For some reason, I've loved this picture long and hard, and I'm posting it here with the hopes that someone has seen it somewhere else and can point me to it so that I can find (perhaps) a larger, and less-raggedy print. Anyone??

Catching up

As some of you may know, October 15 was Asher's FIFTH birthday. This is very exciting not only for him, but for me as well. 5 years seems like a respectable milestone, and I always remind everyone of the first 4 weeks when I was certain I wouldn't even make it 3 months. And now here we are. Asher woke up on his birthday with a nice case of pneumonia, and so we had to mellow out the birthday celebrations to couch-bound gift-opening and plenty of movies. He did get a typewriter and a pirate ship, both of which he already loves a lot. Here are some photos of Asher over the tribute!


Where the wild things are

Mom reads Where the Wild Things Are to Asher on video chat. So cute.



So my flight has been delayed until 9:45. Total boo. I should have been home by then, but now I won't be home until so late. Thank goodness for 2 things: the fact that they recently remodeled the San Jose airport; and my MacBook. Both of these factors have greatly improved the quality of my airport time. Photobooth and my cell phone are added bonuses.

My meeting went well. I wore the pantsuit (which I immediately stripped off and replaced with several pieces and layers of spandex as soon as I got to the airport) and I didn't spell anyone's name wrong on the attendance list. My heart is a bit achy for little tired Ash and little tired Kristin up at the homestead. Wuv you guys.


Rainy day women

Raining hard and long in Palo Alto. Here's my cold & wet balcony. But hey at least I have a balcony.

Golf got canceled. I am in my hotel room watching endless reruns of The Office, eating way too many snacks, and studying legislation. Home tomorrow. Here's an old song to love - it's just been on my mind a lot:


Work trip!

Not much to report. Much appreciation for the corporate meeting that decided to make a heart the trademark for SW Airlines - so cute and refreshing amidst the business blah that is this kind of air travel.

ALSO - my hotel upped the usual swag with a bonus shower puff!

Anyway, here I am in the vast lands of Silicon Valley, watching lots of TV and missing my bed.

Coming up soon: pantsuits and rainy golf.

Best Pancakes Ever

Saturday ended up being nearly perfect. Even though we woke up wicked early (and by "we", I mean "Asher"), it started well and continued onward. The sun was shining and I felt happy & productive - coffee, loads and loads of laundry, dishes, yardwork, and delicious pancakes. Asher was adorable and played and painted all morning.

I made apple coconut pancakes that seriously rocked. So delicious! I used our usual GF pancake mix and added a grated apple and a handful of shredded coconut (and cooked them in coconut oil). Highly recommended.

Photos by Asher

More images I love from the hands of Asher.

So bad it's very, very good

Was frolicking around over at Bleach Black and saw this post. Apparently you can buy them on eBay. While I would never pick these out of thin air to search for, something about them is just plain cool. Perhaps it's because I was raised with a love of 90's tye-dye, perhaps it's because wide-leg pants will forever hold a dear place in my heart, perhaps it's because they are certainly insanely comfortable, or perhaps it's just because you know no one else will wear these, and by default they will be fucking rad, and you will be fucking rad for wearing them. I give them a hearty 2 thumbs up.

Another one back in the saddle

It seems that our beloved Kristin has also picked up the reins once again over at Wet Bones. YAYYyy!!! Only one post so far....but I'm hoping it is just a taste of what's to come. Girl's been doing a LOT of makeup the past few months.

Red Lips Wishlist

I still have never perfected the art of red lips. Leave it to Kate to kill it 90s style with red lips AND dark roots. Le sigh. Wishlist images all from Sephora. The BeneTint is going to be my next makeup purchase, for sure. I think it really is a must-have, and I've never had it. Also searching for the perfect eyeliner/shadow pencil combo - sort of a warm black with subtle sparkle. Any ideas?

Inspiration files:

I love these handpainted Edouard Manet patent peeptoe wedges from Hippy of Doom on Etsy. I have a pair of 5" peeptoe wedges similar to these that I could do something with - I'm not much of a painter, but some decoupage heels could be really fun, don't you think?? With a super glossy acrylic finish?


3 bags full

I also should mention that miss Mary Lee has started an ├╝ber tasty fashion blog over here at Twisted Lamb. Lavish in her dark delights, taxidermy couture, leather lust, and brilliant fun; try it - it's like being wrapped in ancient furs and laying on a vintage velvet & mahogany chaise lounge in front of a fire. Imagine all of the other things that come with that setting. Delish.

(Images via Twisted Lamb)