Only in Portland

Right? Or other places that I don't know about?

This was at Ian's going-away party - a "potluck" with many, many PBR-drinking, Camel-smoking hipsters, and a large bag of Ruffles on the ping pong table. Actually, there were also some Doritos inside on the kitchen counter; Anna and I brought some potato salad that we kept quietly to ourselves in the corner. Two very nice people helped me look for a wine opener, and between the three of us, it only took us 12 minutes to find one.

There was a piñata at the party, which the hipsters gladly smashed, but since everyone was well over the age of 5, Asher was the only one who really cared about the candy that fell out of the piñata. (Actually, I think a few mini-bottles of vodka fell out and were deftly swooped up by a quick blond girl in boots.) Asher spent the rest of the party periodically going over to the pile of riches on the ground, and stuffing a few more suckers in his overalls pocket. Occasionally a cute girl would bring him another one in an attempt to bridge the gap. Pretty cute. See Asher with suckers and garden fawn, below:

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