All in a row

Hi lovers-

Sorry for the minimal blogging. Sometimes I feel uninspired, and have to focus on more important things like food and sleep; I'm sure you all know how it goes.

Having, however, finally caught up on sleep, I find myself in the midst of a beautiful late-summer-almost-fall Saturday. So gorgeous. I made french toast for Asher, brewed some coffee, and started in on some yard work in our tiny yard - lots of cutting back and weeding - so different than the spring cutting back and weeding, when it's so everything can burst open and bloom. Now I'm trimming stuff so it can go inwards and sleep, and hopefully come back next year in some shape or form. I even mowed the lawn and un-potted some plants so they don't drown over the winter. (Click to enlarge any of the photos):

Ahhh, fall, how I love thee. Yes, it means winter is that much closer. But there is something so deep and delicious about fall. Everything starts to shift again and push down- roots crawl faster than we imagined, and it's so hard to keep up. It's like the emotional upheaval of spring, but it's almost more intense, because its so earth-bound, so much quieter and more secret. Burrowing and burrowing until winter when it stops, sits, gestates...waits for the first mornings of another year so it can finally start to unfold, and we can see what we've created.

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