Mousepad makeover

I have had this mousepad for a while, which was kindly given to me by a client after I complained about occasional wrist pain from using the computer a lot. It's cute - has a bunch of ergonomic exercises on it to remind you to stretch your wrists during the workday. But it was starting to get so dirt and dingy! See?

It was kind of bumming me out. I know that sounds weird, but it's like if your windshield is dirty, things just feel a little, well, dirty. Since I didn't really have "mousepad" in my monthly budget (and even though there are TONS of cute, cheap handmade ones on Etsy), I decided to recover it, thereby scoring a new, FREE mousepad! I found some perfect swimsuit-ish material in the basement, and smeared the entire mousepad with fabric glue. I smeared the glue with my hands to ensure it really covered the entire surface. Then I carefully smoothed the fabric on top and weighted it down for a while, like so:

Then I simply took some decent scissors and trimmed around the edges. SO MUCH BETTER!! I can already feel my work morale increasing, and not a penny was spent.

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