I saw Daedelus perform at Emrg-N-See this year, and though I didn't stay for his whole set (it began, sadly, at the point wherein they had just told us they were turning the bass down. boo), but his presence alone was enough to make me want to see more of him. Despite the volume situation, he was totally rocking it and grooving on the vibe, and really feeding the crowd what they wanted. I loved him for that. Yet another fabulous weirdo from LA, tapping in and putting it out. This movie showcases some good tunage plus some interview clips. If you can sit through the 7 minutes, you should. If not, start it at 6:00 and watch the last minute.

And this one is a short one of him remixing the beloved Harder Faster Stronger track by Daft Punk. Sound is not the best, but I love it anyway.

Finally, he uses this thing called a Monome, which I had never really seen before, and it really becomes part of his theatrical performance. Here is a monome demo on YouTube, and if you aren't feeling very video-oriented today, at least read this very short interview where he talks about a few different things, including how he and his wife dress up in victorian dandy garb at home (he also dresses like this on stage), so it's not really a costume for him, it's more of his comfort zone. Cute.

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