Butter and Jam

Dear friends, so sorry for the sparse posting. It seems that summer is still moving as fast as ever, despite the rapidly-approaching equinox. While I don't have time to say much, I can say that you should go here and listen, and be wrapped in the most delicious audial cloud that you've felt in a while. The amazing world of Dr. Toast.



Found this delicious post on (Inside a Black Apple). The pictures alone are mouthwatering, and I, too, am a fan of the best basic recipes for things. Simple cooking is my favorite.



"The farm is a natural system. The price must be paid and the process followed. You always reap what you sow; there is no shortcut. This principle is also true, ultimately, in human behavior, in human relationships. They, too, are natural systems based on the law of the harvest."

-- Stephen R. Covey



I could use this.

Dress up

New stuff on Etsy! Check it out and spread the word. A few great dresses and a couple cute jackets. Yeah, we're still eating summer up, but you KNOW fall is just around the corner. xoxo

Shop Shop Shop.


More more more

Free ESKMO download. Just sayin'.

Asher at the beach

Definition of the Day: FOMO

FOMO: Fear of missing out. Says Urban Dictionary, "The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great ." I remember this feeling even from my youngest childhood years, and was so relieved when I finally stumbled upon the official terminology. Yay for party lexicon!

Anyway. Yes. FOMO. Click this if you want to feel it, too.

(first image via Mary Lee; flower and flytrap image via Mulling it Over)

Farmer babe

Asher picks peaches at Sauvie Island farms.



I saw Daedelus perform at Emrg-N-See this year, and though I didn't stay for his whole set (it began, sadly, at the point wherein they had just told us they were turning the bass down. boo), but his presence alone was enough to make me want to see more of him. Despite the volume situation, he was totally rocking it and grooving on the vibe, and really feeding the crowd what they wanted. I loved him for that. Yet another fabulous weirdo from LA, tapping in and putting it out. This movie showcases some good tunage plus some interview clips. If you can sit through the 7 minutes, you should. If not, start it at 6:00 and watch the last minute.

And this one is a short one of him remixing the beloved Harder Faster Stronger track by Daft Punk. Sound is not the best, but I love it anyway.

Finally, he uses this thing called a Monome, which I had never really seen before, and it really becomes part of his theatrical performance. Here is a monome demo on YouTube, and if you aren't feeling very video-oriented today, at least read this very short interview where he talks about a few different things, including how he and his wife dress up in victorian dandy garb at home (he also dresses like this on stage), so it's not really a costume for him, it's more of his comfort zone. Cute.

score and a half

Someone should buy these Technica apres ski boots. They are on Etsy right now for $30 from a local Portland seller, but shipping is free nonetheless. They are super cute and well-made, and hard to find for less than $100 in the resale circuit. Sooooo awesome. A tiny bit too big for me, and I am trying really hard to not buy any boots right now.


Luxury Jones

Local design label Luxury Jones makes me sweat a little bit. In a good way. Aside from loving the designs (a close-to-my-heart approach of glamour/diy/fancy/furry/funky-ness-mess) the photo styling and concepts are REALLY WORKING FOR ME. Aren't these great? I had to refrain from posting any more of them on this entry. I am most especially in love with that little gold number up there.



Recently stumbled upon this foxy lady who not only makes music on the Brainfeeder label, but she also makes beautiful art. I'm more drawn to her visual stuff than her music, but that's just a personal preference. Her music is really pretty and I do appreciate her futuristic-electro-jazzy-love-song sound, it just doesn't have some of that deeper-cycle groove that really calls to me. Here are some photos of her art pieces that I love...the first one is my favorite:

And besides, her name is TOKiMONSTA which is a hundred percent rad and cute all at once. I love her! All images above are from her MySpace. Links: myspace:::blog:::twitter:::facebook.


Audrey Kawasaki motorcycle helmet!! So beautiful. I love her so much it kills me. You can view more pics of the helmet here.


Coolest dude around

Okay. Can we talk about how cute this helmet is that I found for Asher at the bins?


Steamed chard & roasted chicken, drizzled with tamari and balsalmic vinegar PLUS homemade biscuits. Yum.

Mousepad makeover

I have had this mousepad for a while, which was kindly given to me by a client after I complained about occasional wrist pain from using the computer a lot. It's cute - has a bunch of ergonomic exercises on it to remind you to stretch your wrists during the workday. But it was starting to get so dirt and dingy! See?

It was kind of bumming me out. I know that sounds weird, but it's like if your windshield is dirty, things just feel a little, well, dirty. Since I didn't really have "mousepad" in my monthly budget (and even though there are TONS of cute, cheap handmade ones on Etsy), I decided to recover it, thereby scoring a new, FREE mousepad! I found some perfect swimsuit-ish material in the basement, and smeared the entire mousepad with fabric glue. I smeared the glue with my hands to ensure it really covered the entire surface. Then I carefully smoothed the fabric on top and weighted it down for a while, like so:

Then I simply took some decent scissors and trimmed around the edges. SO MUCH BETTER!! I can already feel my work morale increasing, and not a penny was spent.


Believing the magic

Just bought this book on sale at Powell's. I'm kind of excited. I haven't gotten through much of it yet, but it's a big compilation of various goddesses from various times/places/cultures/religions. Awesome. Bring on the goddess. This is the moment.


Ummmm, yes.

(Stolen from Mary Lee)


Strawberry Coconut Ice Blender

I made this drink during the heatwave, and it was absolutely delicious. As you can imagine, it has endless possibilities for alternatives and enhancements. Here's what Asher and I did: Put a big handful of ice cubes and frozen strawberriez and about half a can of coconut milk in the blender.

Add a little drizzle of agave - however much you'd like.

Blend! Drink! It ends up being this fresh, fluffy, clean icy deliciousness. All the best parts of a slushee/smoothie/milkshake all at once, but a lot lighter and without the sugar bite.


Birthday Pics

Thanks to all the girls who were a part of this. I am, as always, so grateful and feeling so loved. My heart is aglow.


Swamp Shack

My friend Trey, a Louisiana native, recently opened up a food cart downtown to bring a taste of the South to Portland's busy streets. Listen to how mouth-watering this sounds:

Today, more than 2,000 miles from home, Corkern whips up the buttery, honey-colored crust for his pie from scratch. He stuffs it with juicy bits of sweet crawfish and a blond, tangy, homemade buttermilk filling he calls Creole cream cheese (a concoction like sour cream that’s scarcely seen outside of Louisiana). It’s all enlivened by the “Holy Trinity” of Cajun ingredients—bell peppers, celery, and onions—then deep-fried to crispy, flaky perfection. At just $3.50 a pie, there isn’t a better deal for that much Southern comfort this side of Dixie.

Mmmmmmm. I want some!

Read the whole article in Portland Monthly Magazine here.