This above all: to thine own self be true

So, I'm flying to California again tomorrow for my 27th birthday weekend. So excited for mountain/lake/river adventures. But I feel bad that I haven't posted much, and I'm certainly not going to post while I'm gone. Hopefully I'll have some excellent photos when I return, and I promise to post the how-to for the most delicious coconut-strawberry ice-blender thing that I made the other day. So yum.

In the meantime, I will leave you all with a love poem. I pretty much never get sick of love poems.

Sudden Light

I have been here before,
But when or how I cannot tell:
I know the grass beyond the door,
The sweet keen smell,
The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.

You have been mine before,—
How long ago I may not know:
But just when at that swallow's soar
Your neck turned so,
Some veil did fall,—I knew it all of yore.

Has this been thus before?
And shall not thus time's eddying flight
Still with our lives our love restore
In death's despite,
And day and night yield one delight once more?

-Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)

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