Tea Tree and Sea Salt Scrub

As part of my efforts to rid my world of ingrown hairs, I am trying to exfoliate more. So today I made this simple homemade salt scrub. Best part was I didn't even have to get anything at the store, it was all in my kitchen. Here's what I did:

Gathered the parts - 6 oz. jar, sea salt, sesame oil, and tea tree oil.

Poured some oil in the jar - not too much, because you're going to add salt.

Then I added a few drops of tea tree oil to the sesame oil so that it could blend in. Then, I poured the salt in.

I added it slowly and stopped when it pretty much stopped absorbing oil.

Then I capped it and shook it up so for a final blend, and voila! Salt Scrub:

Truthfully, I then went upstairs and added a few drops of peppermint essential oil and the tiniest bit of amber oil to warm the scent up a bit. You can scent it however you want, and you can also use sugar instead of sea salt, and a variety of oils. The tea tree will help with ingrown hairs and healing, but if you want something more relaxing, you can choose accordingly.

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