Skirts & bicycles

I took my bike out for my first real ride yesterday. Woohoo! I'm not talking like hours and hours and mountains or anything like that. I just rode it across town, picked Asher up, put him on the seat, and brought him home. I always get so nervous, that first ride of the year, all out in the open with ALL THOSE CARS so close to me. But I try to take the back roads where I can, and the feel of sun and sweat and wind and endless horizons is all so, so worth it.

And of course, one of my favorite springtime trends is all the beautiful girls on their bikes. Double-bonus for girls in dresses on bikes. What better way to celebrate the return of sunshine than riding around like a wildchild in a skirt? Le sigh. J'adore l'été!

(Photo: Jennifer Polvino)


  1. My beach cruiser is buried somewhere at mom's house. I haven't been on it in years. YEARS!! I'm sure I've forgotten how to ride. =(

  2. Seriously, you've got math on your side:

    Girls + Dresses (esp. of the summer variety) + Bikes = AWESOME


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