The question is: is the presence of miles and miles of trees filled with soft-as-air pink and white flowers that eventually fall to the ground, leaving the streets coated with an unearthly (strikingly, obscenely beautiful) shower of petals worth everyone and their mom being sick for 2+ weeks?

Yeah, probably.


A story of leather

Inspired by Kristin's purchase of a leather harness from Zana Bayne, I set out to find one of my own (since miz garbage dress up and moved to Berlin). Luckily my friend Tucker lives down the street and is known for some leather SKILLZ.

First we cruised to the Oregon Leather Company on his motorcycle for some materials (and I also finally found the tiny Bag Balm I've been wanting for ages). Then, after a couple fitting sessions, and some magic on his part, tonight I wore the final product home! Here are a few photos from it all:

Tucker starting to put the pieces together:

Raven and squirrel hanging in the sun (I was doing the same thing on the couch):

Ceramic skulls and bunny tigers, my fave. Tucker has the best, coziest collection of skin and bones EVER:

Second fitting session - Asher doing his Tucker impression:

Final product! LOVE IT. Thanks, Tucker.


Last weekend was garage sale heaven in my neighborhood. I scored tons of great stuff - handmade baby blanket for a gift, some clothes for Asher, a dress/top for Kristin, some workout clothes, a FREE car thing for Ash to ride around in (tiny boy heaven), and this jewelry. I really like the leather knot necklace, such a great idea.


Pearls in your hair

I've been loving Ariella's blog for a while now. Her style is so fresh and adorable, it reminds me of being six years old in a beach cottage on Cape Cod.

I mean seriously, look at these white tights:

So darling, and she makes it work so well! Beyond making it work, I would even say that each piece fits together so well, that it would all be incomplete assembled any other way. Or here - gingham + red shoes + flower crown??!

So awesome. Not to mention the fact that if I ever was going to lust after blond hair, it would be hers. xoxo

(all photos via Pearls In Your Hair)

black tie beachwear

I think this handmade tuxedo swimsuit from this Etsy shop is pretty darn cute. Image/suit via Stepankalicious.



So stoked it's Friday! Such a welcome day of the week...looking forward to much lounging with Asher, and hopefully some cleaning and organizing of my space, brain and body. Today I started out with a cup of black tea, some rye toast with homemade ghee (thanks mom!), and a half and avocado drizzled with Kristin's yummy leftover dressing from the other night. I'd really like to eat a lot of fresh food this weekend to feel super clean on the inside.

And on that note, here are a couple tea recipes that are delicious and clarifying - you can also make them in big batches and keep a big jar in the refrigerator to drink whenever you feel like it. The below recipes are designed for about a quart of water, just for reference. But clearly the amount can be adjusted.

Farmhouse Mellow Mint Brew:

In a pot of water, combine dried mint leaves, dried elderberries, and some freshly sliced ginger. Use any proportions you like, using either the mint or ginger as your base. Bring water to a boil, and then simmer until tea is at desired strength. Strain and add honey if desired; drink hot or cold.

Melissa's Head, Heart & Body Brew:
In a pot of water, brew a base tea of freshly sliced ginger - so add the ginger, bring to a boil, and let simmer to desired strength. Once ginger tea is nearly done brewing, add some green tea (loose or bags) and let it brew into the ginger base. You must do this while the ginger tea is still at a nearly-boiling temperature. Add a pinch or more of cayenne to taste. Strain the tea into a jar, and then add honey to taste; finally, add fresh lemon juice (to taste, but I say the more lemon the better. With a quart of tea, I would add at least one whole lemon) to the brew and enjoy hot or cold.

(Thanks for Melissa for the second tea recipe, and to Leah for the homegrown mint and elderberries that inspired the first recipe.)


oh how i love thee

My favorite gemstones: opals of all sorts (i once saw a woman wearing a blue Peruvian opal that was so bright and brilliant, and i keep hoping one day i will find another one just like it)


and her darker sister - labradorite. So beautiful.

(all photos via Cochise College)


love parade

first weekend that tasted like summer - friends, sunshine, babies, naps, homemade pasta/sauce/salad dressing/deliciousness, wine, breakfast, etc.


Speaking of local t-shirt wonder Monsieur T (photo below is from his Spring...umm...07? line), I am loving loving loving the tiger shirt and le zebre hat. Hot. (Zebra hat is on sale, kids).


Tips to avoid impulse shopping

Ok, so we all know impulse shopping well. It isn't necessarily planned, but seems to be somewhat pervasive. Clearly, various factors contribute to the depth of the impulse, the damage done to the wallet, and the value of things bought (not financial value so much as actual usability). These are a few things that I have learned over the years and seem to (usually) help eliminate the impulse buys - making for a happier closet and a longer-lasting paycheck. Also - I'm mostly speaking about clothes, here:

  1. If you are in a hurry, put it on hold and come back when you are not in a rush. This will allow you to make a better decision.
  2. If you're not totally sold on it (even if you are at 99%), put it on hold and sleep on it. I guarantee you will make the right decision in the morning.
  3. If it's made of a fabric that looks really nice but you know it will get crappy soon, skip it. It's not sustainable to buy pieces that only look good for 2 washings. (You all know that soft rayon blend that that i'm talking about).
  4. If you like it because it is ALMOST like that one thing you've been wanting and can't find anywhere - don't get it. Almost isn't good enough - you'll keep looking for that one thing anyway.
  5. If you like it because you wish you wore shit like that, don't get it. You can't change your style by just buying things. (Just like beauty, style comes from the inside, lovers!)
Anyway - those are the things that help me most. And, true confessions: I have yet to master the art of passing up the $3 or less impulse buy. This is one of the hardest ones - even though I'm not crazy about it, if it's super cheap, I buy it anyway. This is still silly - my closet is prime real estate! I also tend to give into the impulse buy when I have an event/trip/party/whatever coming up. This is the "excuse" impulse buy - "oh, i need a new dress for that party" - when in reality I have a million other things to wear.

(Photo by Reel Goodman for Monsieur T)

The best things

  • love letters
  • blossoming trees
  • open windows at night
  • warm, bare feet
  • tea in the yard
  • sleeping babes

Metal rocks

Just purchased these custom hoops from Etsy seller Metal Rocks! I love them - she offers them in lots of sizes, but I asked her to make some big ones for me, and they should be here in a couple days. I will post pics when I get them. I love that they don't have any hooks or fasteners, and the teardrop is perfect.


As promised...

A few photos from my California adventure earlier this month. So much love everywhere I went!

The best ever

Sometimes the best things really do come in big packages. Thanks Soph!

Easter Sunday

I didn't take many pics, sadly, but we had a cozy, delightful and delicious time at Anna's house. So good to see everyone and Asher had a blast. Here he is cutting the first piece of Jesus cake, and playing backgammon with Andrew and Kellee.

Can I sleep a little bit longer, please?

Grrr. I have so much I want to do, and now my mental to-do list has become so long and large that it seems to have scattered itself into a million different corners of the universe. I've been sick (allergies?) for over a week now, which NEVER happens to me. And I don't like it. So many moments that could be spent doing something useful are instead spent collapsing in my bed, passing out for 5 minutes until Asher jumps on me and I have to come back to earth. I have clothes to tag and pictures to post for House of Vintage, but the thought of carrying everything out of the basement and all the way to Hawthorne kind of exhausts me.

Not to mention the total disaster my house has become. I need to clean everything, everywhere, every room. I still haven't unpacked from California, the bathtub needs cleaning, and I left my half-finished spring planting project spread all over the yard. My clean laundry is folded, but it's still downstairs, and I don't even want to bring it up here to put away. I know that one morning I will wake up clear-headed, energetic, and perhaps the sun will even be shining, but for now I am feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed with work and trying to muster up the energy to take a freaking shower.

Le sigh.

So, believe me, I have lots of much more interesting things to blog about, but for now they are nesting impatiently in my head...ready to burst at any moment into this virtual realm, just as soon as I can manage it. I promise.

yours in daily domestic disasterousness,
sadie rose


Andy Clockwise

Loving this song from Andy Clockwise. He has some other keepers too, but this one is just one of those songs that sounds like it was in my head before I ever heard it.


Quote of the day/INSPIRation

I have finally come to a point in which I have edited my wardrobe so much that it now entirely fits on a mere rolling rack. I am obsessed with the elimination of unnecessary excess, and the celebration of the specific...I'm talking about clothing. I would ideally want to be able to blindy select anything from what I own and be completely satisfied with wearing it. No impulse buys. No ill-fitting garments. An army of "yes".

- Zana Bayne of Garbage Dress. View the post here.


Found it, pretty much

So I've been wanting this dress from AA for a pretty long time:

It's undeniably versatile and classic, plus it's got the added benefit of the super comfy and practical signature American Apparel knit. But, being the wholesaler/thriftshopper/groundscorer that I am, I am determined to find it used. Haven't found it yet, but today I did find this one, which I've also been lusting after for some time. $11 at Buffalo, and fits like a comfy, cotton and spandex glove. Yes!

On an unrelated note, I have lately been feeling the urge to possibly own a denim jacket. I'm not quite sure what it would have to look like for me to like it, but maybe there's one out there for me? Usually they feel odd as soon as I slide my arms in, no matter how much I like it on the hanger. I think if I were to rock one, I would want it to be like the one I had in kindergarden that I left on the playground and never found again. It was kind of a classic Levi's cut, dark denim, soft and broken in, with a baby blue fur collar that my mom custom sewed onto it for me. That plus my leather fringe boots made me feel pretty great at recess, regardless of my social standing that day.

I'll let you know if I recreate it.

(Images via American Apparel)