One of the most amazing houses in San Francisco is for sale, y'all. Pretty steep price tag, but it's always fun to dream.


you know you love it

And for all of you who want to dress up and possibly choreograph a dance to this in your living room (like I totally did when I was 10), here are some modern-yet-very-Ace-of-Base duds for you to wear when doing so:

1. Unisex Pinpoint Oxford Button Up - American Apparel
2. Striped Satin Vest - Ann Demeulemeester
3. Ankh Earrings - PeaceImages (Etsy)
4. Yellow Rose Hairpin/Brooch - Ixtli (Etsy)

Blue Lotus Henna

The other night, Sophie and I went to Melanie's house for a luxurious restorative yoga session, dinner, and henna art. Such a treat! Melanie is an amazing, amazing henna artist, and you should look at her site for a more extensive portfolio. We were short on time, but she still gave us each a beautiful adornment.

I went first, and got this on my arm:

Sophie wanted seam-style art, so Melanie did this on her calves:

Best girls-night-grounding-sesh ever! If you haven't done restorative yoga, it's pretty yummy. And if you or anyone you know is interested in henna art, it would be super fun at a birthday party or bridal shower or baby shower, etc. Melanie will travel pretty much anywhere in and around Portland, and her skills can't be matched.


Walking Asher and Rowan home from school on Wednesday. There is something inexplicably heartwarming about two little boys holding hands. It's like a tiny glimpse of buried treasure, before it is uncovered and lost to the world of commerce.


when the sun is up

I have been blessed with a child who loves to sleep. He has always, always been a good sleeper, and I am eternally grateful. Plus he kinda sleeps like we do... Late to bed, late to rise. Very rarely, he will awake at some ungodly hour like 6 or 7 (I hear a lot of kids do this). Luckily, it doesn't happen often, so when it does, I can (sort of) handle it.

Yesterday he woke up earlier than usual, so we got dressed and headed to Stumptown for some delicious time-killing before I dropped him at school. I love hanging with him there in the early hours, when the street is still kind of asleep and everything is just getting moving.

Life is rad

From Mary Lee.


remember, he can hear your whispers in the hall

Just found this coooolest photo of Josh today and swiped it for the blog (click on it for the full image):

I love it. It's shot by the talented Siouxen Kang, who I've never met, but I'm always stumbling across (and loving) her photos due to a lot of overlapping friends of friends of friends. Check more of her stuff at the link above - always sure to satisfy your craving for something deep & rich, dark & glowing, and deliciously secretive.

(Photo via Facebook, (c) Siouxen Kang)

LOVE in the afternoon

UPDATE: Friends and friends of friends get the friend discount. That's like half the price shown on her website. Daammmn! To get your discount, email Winnie directly from her site when you order.

Check out the dopeness by local metal magician Anna Winifred at Winifred Jewelry. I am pretty head-over-heels for her various love knuckles, and if I had my way I'd snatch up a gold pair (with a rhinestone, duh) just as soon as I had an extra $500 or so laying around. Definitely on the wishlist. Make sure you look at her site! There is something for everyone. Hearts, skulls, ice cream & bling. The best.

(All images via Anna Winifred Jewelry)


please follow me home

Rainbow from the plane on my way back to Portland on Monday.

Definitions of the day

the correlation existing between bodies capable of communicating their vibrational energy to one another through some medium

the imaginative projection of a subjective state into an object so that the object appears to be infused with it

sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it

(from Merriam-Webster)


long ago and far away

My mom, my grandfather, my little brother, and me (rocking some kinda killer denim vest/jams situation) in front of our first house in Lake Tahoe, circa 1990.


if peach trees grew here

Soooo busy and I'll never get it all done. Leaving for California again, and dropping the babe in Eugene first, so today is the beginning of lots of hours in transit, and honestly I haven't really packed. Kinda, but not really. Won't be able to update for a while since I'll be... you know... vortexed! xoxoxo

(Image via Sacramento Public Library sheet music archives.)



Of all the herbal supplements I've tried, I think this Herb Pharm Kava is my fave (I am always bumming some off Kristin!)

It tastes really, really gross, but it makes me feel really, really good. It's one of those things where you're like, "really? this is all herbal?"

you can find me in the flowers

In December, Sophie gave me a brownie that someone had given her at the a Christmas party. This brownie happened to be a peppermint brownie (pictured above) from Baked NYC.

Ummmm....this was probably the BEST BROWNIE OF MY LIFE.

In fact, I would really, really like to eat another one and have been oddly haunted by this one's memory all freaking day. There is something about the sheer weight alone that makes this brownie wicked good. The peppermint addition was killer. It is not cakey (ewww) and it is also not a fudge consistency. It is, needless to say, the perfectly crafted brownie.

(In all fairness, this brownie is rivaled in my mental repertoire by my mom's amazing brownies from the recipe in Marjie Lapanja's Goddess in the Kitchen.)

Soooo.... do I have to order some or does anyone sell them around here??


hopelessly devoted

Okay, I can't just leave that last post without doing another one devoted especially to Sylvia Ji. I mean, have you seen her art? Totally off-the-hook. And I use that phrase unabashedly, as I can think of no other appropriate way to describe it. While I love Audrey Kawasaki, as I've mentioned before, Sylvia's art has a different richness and depth (such luscious colors, and I love her women) that really resonates with my own personal view of beauty.

Pictured above is "La Malinche".

sometimes, other ways

YEAHHHH. Got an awesome haircut from Kristin today. Maybe best one ever. Aside from it looking good, I feel a bazillion times better. My hair was driving me nuts. Believe me, not a day goes by that I don't feel super lucky and grateful to be living with this girl. It's nice to know that if someone called me and wanted me to be on TV in 10 minutes, Kristin could make me look hella good in 5.

(Image "He Loves Me Not" from my all-time definite to-die-for favorite Sylvia Ji)

is a song in my heart

LinkThis is my cousin, Luke. While he is somewhat frozen in my memory as a tiny, adorable, hell-raising toddler, he has nonetheless grown up (as we all tend to do) and is now a musician in New York. I grew up going to his house every summer in Maine - some of my fondest memories. Click here for the Luke Rathborne MySpace page. The photo above is from a feature in Interview magazine - it appeared in the print edition, but you can see it online, here.

birds of a feather

Woah. Velcro, laces, AND studs?? I love these! Which is weird, as I wouldn't exactly have thought I would. But I do. When I was tiny (maybe around 1987?), I had a pair of tiger shoes and a pair of zebra shoes that were sorta like this. Without the studs, but with all the bad-ass-ness (and Velcro). I really, really loved those shoes. I wore them to shreds. These ones are like the now-version of those.

And they are from freaking Forever 21; I swear to myself every day that I will stop looking at their site. One of these days, I really will.


mischief of one kind and another

Fixed up some shirts that I got at the bins. Basic reconstruction stuff, but prettttty darn cute. The lion shirt is probably my new favorite shirt (it's all old and soft and...well...lion-y), and the plaid shirt-dress I will probably sell at House. I have another identical plaid shirt in green that I'm gonna do the same thing to, so email me if you and your bff want matching X-mas shirt-dresses!

back in the day

So, of all the things I've lost over the years, I realized today that I still have this pair of cheap silver square-hoop earrings. I got them at a thrift store when I, 19. And even though I got them thrifted, they were from Claire's or some mall store like that. I remember because they still had the tag on them. I loved these earrings. I wore them pretty much every day. I remember feeling like they were so radical and unique; I think because everyone else wore circle hoops (omg square hoops?? how totally out of the box, man), and I also got endless compliments on them. Anyway, they were one of those fashion items that I clung to as part of my identity. You know those certain things that you wear, and you feel like they are part of the message you are delivering to the world?

Okay, maybe that's just my leo fashion freak-ness talking, but you get the picture.

My main point is that I still have these earrings. I found them in my jewelry drawer today, tarnished as hell, but other than that, they're in great shape. So now I guess I've had them for about 7 years.

AND - here is the real gem of this post - I decided to de-tarnish (I like to invent words) them and possibly bring them back into my fashion life. So kids, here is the easiest, best at-home chemical-free silver polishing recipe ever:
  1. Get a pot, and line it with tin foil
  2. Fill it with some water and add a bit of baking soda (not sure how much; I don't think it really matters)
  3. Dump in your items to be polished
  4. Heat the pot on low for a while, just so the water gets kind of hot and gets the chemical reactions moving
  5. Turn off the heat after a while of simmering - not too long - I let these simmer for about 15 minutes
  6. Let sit overnight
  7. In the morning, your silver will be clean and shiny, and the tinfoil will be all tarnished!
I hope that all made sense and that the photos help a little bit. The other thing I've got in there is a chalcedony pendant that Sophie and Jenny gave me when I was preggers with Asher and living in a tent in Jenny's yard!

Mama, there's a nightmare in my closet

For the first time ever, my son is a little bit scared of the dark. This means if he wakes up in the night, he can't fall back asleep unless the light is on. Since he's in my room, this means I have to sleep with the light on, too. Time to buy an eyemask!

  1. Black silk eyemask - Kiki de Montparnasse - $50.00
  2. Aviator sunglasses eyemask - Forever 21 - $5.80

I watched you from far away

Remember this song? I loved this in high school, and because I loved it then, I still love it now. I am a long-time sucker for any music that has that epic, orchestral/classical depth. This song sounds like mountain star-watch drives, DJs in dark steamy barns...the budding realization that somewhere, something bigger awaits.

I just looked it up and it was released in June 1997. So that was the end of my freshman year, right when I was deep in my love affair with Allison. She loved this song, too, I remember. That was back when we'd make mixtapes off the radio, the songs inevitably broken up by quick blips of commercials, or of some perky DJ voice advertising the station. Mixtapes and cigarettes and journals. That was all we did.

Also, I wasn't aware of the rights controversy surrounding this song. Apparently The Verve lost creative control and was stripped of the rights to this song, thereby losing access to the royalties. So lame.


heartbeats in the city

Asher and Mikey playing the drums. Cutest ever.

if only it were always glitter and hearts

Here are the little valentines I made for Asher's preschool card trade. Simple and sweet. And I will probably never get over the nostalgic satisfaction of glitter and glue.

off the rack

While helping a girlfriend search for some fun underthings today, I was totally stunned to learn that Victoria's Secret doesn't make their lingerie in A cups (or D cups). Only in 34 or 36 B or C. Only. That's it. No other sizes. If you have a different size, then no cute matching lingerie sets for you!

After I acquired this horrific piece of information, the salesgirl goes, "if you want to look in the other room, we have lots of bras without underwires that fit a lot of different sizes."

Oh, great.


Anyway, as I've alluded to before, I'm a bit of a lingerie snob and learned about nice lingerie at a young age. I stopped shopping at Victoria's Secret several years ago because I thought they were kinda crappy. Decision maintained.

Moral of the story: if you want nice lingerie, don't get it at Victoria's. I know they have some cute shit, and I even give them a little bit of props for some cute retro-style pieces they have out right now (pictured above), but you can get much nicer and higher-quality lingerie somewhere else.


least favorite chores

Starting with very least favorite to sort-of least favorite:
  1. Mopping kitchen floor
  2. Washing bathroom floor
  3. Scrubbing bathtub
  4. Washing, folding, and changing sheets
  5. Dusting


cute as a button

I think I might get these for Asher. I have a gift certificate to Piperlime, and I'm pretty uninspired for myself, so might as well get something cool for Ash. Baby Etnies!!! Cutest!

An Awesome Book

2 things:

One. I got Asher's copy of An Awesome Book in the mail the other day, along with another copy as a gift from the radical Dallas Clayton himself. This book is amazing. I don't mean to get terribly emo on you, but the part about people dreaming dreams that aren't even their own really makes me tear up at times. This is good for kids of ALL ages - so far we have tested it with kids up to age 32, and it is a crushing success. THANKS, DALLAS.

Two. Also, a while back I said that I ordered this shirt, also from I got it in the mail a few weeks ago. Love it. It is like sleeping in your boyfriend's oldest, most favorite shirt. Only it's even better than that because:
  • It's an XL. Usually boyfriends only wear an L.
  • It's wayyyy softer than our boyfriends' shirts. This is because of the genius burnout/cotton/poly blend situation from American Apparel. Generally speaking, our boyfriends have not been alive long enough to make shirts this soft.
  • Because it is so big, I can wear it around with only my underwear on underneath, and not worry about looking too naked in front of my roommate's boyfriend. It fully covers enough ass and thigh. (Note: this will not be true on anyone taller than me, probably, and a lot of people are taller than me).
  • It has a hand-screened poem on it.

stories of our youth

So, for Christmas, Sophie and her dad got Asher a giant volume of all the original Curious George stories. It's really cool. There are so many new ones these days that are "based" on the original series, and they are (not surprisingly) an inferior breed of Curious George stories.

Like many mamas, I hadn't read the original stories since I was about 6 or so. My favorite part so far is how the Man with the Yellow Hat goes to the jungle and takes George back to the wonderful New York Zoo! LUCKY GEORGE!! He must be go glad Mr. Yellow Hat came along.


My second favorite part is this:


give it to me, baby

Fucking love this woman.

(Image of super-preggers M.I.A. and babydaddy Benjamin Brewer via Huffington Post. Click the link to read the article and see the other rad photos)